That’s Dr. SewSkateRead, Thank You Very Much

Ok you guys, the Big Scary Thing I had to do… it is done.  And now I am a doctor.  But not that kind of a doctor.  More of a Dr. Indiana Jones kind of doctor, and less of a Dr. House kind of doctor.  Except with more computers and fewer interactions with Nazis.  Anyway, the good news is that now I won’t have quite so much distracting me from sewing (like, you know, that whole pesky dissertation thing).  Oh, and I can legitimately wear a shirt like this:

I went to grad school and all I got was this lousy title…

On the other hand that mirky and unpredictable thing called “the future” has firmly planted itself in front of me and I am left wondering what exactly I am going to do about it.  I mean, I have some ideas, but no definite plans.  Which the me from 5 years ago would have been freaking out about.  I mean serious panic attack territory.  Me now?  I will deal with it.  And it will be fine.

In the mean time I have to deal with some serious stash relocation, which will cut into my actual sewing time, but I still hope to have a few more finished projects before the end of the year (jackets, yay).  I also expect to be sewing more skating costumes soon (though mostly for other people… the orders, they are already coming in), and I will finally be able to finish writing the skating costume tutorials for you guys (the drafts for the first few parts have been sitting around for a few months… as have my cut out but as yet un-sewn leotard pieces).  And maybe I can get a book or two read as well.

So, ummm, yeah.  I have a PhD.  I suppose I should feel different, but I don’t.  I mean, I can see how I have changed over the course of grad school.  And I can see how what I expected my life was going to be has changed.  But getting the actual degree, I don’t feel different.  Mostly I just feel tired.  Tired, and ready to move on.

22 thoughts on “That’s Dr. SewSkateRead, Thank You Very Much

  1. I hadn't seen the blog before… but I am going to have to read it now! Some of the post titles look a bit too close to home…

    My topic was in computational chemistry, mostly in diffusion and drug discovery research. I did it long enough to know that it isn't what I want to do for the rest of my life. Not exactly sure where I am going or what I am doing, but I will figure it out.


  2. Huge congrats. I never got past O levels (a UK qualification – exams taken at 16) plus a couple of Open University courses. I'm very jealous of people who have the discipline to get a doctorate (even more so of someone who can sew for others and skate competitively at the same time!) Congrats again.


  3. Wow! Congrats! What an amazing accomplishment! I bet that when you've had a bit of recovery time, you'll start to feel pretty proud and accomplished.


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