Merry Halloweenmas! December Burda Early Preview Posted

Though I expect most of you (or at least some of you) are out having Halloween fun tonight, those of us that find ourselves bored and lonely on All Hallow’s Eve can turn outr attention to the next major sewing holiday – Christmas.  And Burda is ready to help us do just that, with the early preview of the December issue!

Though, actually, looking through these pictures it seems like it is going to be a rather bleak and depressing holiday season…

Most depressing holiday colors ever…

It seems like black and white is a theme for this issue…

It took my brain several tries to decompress what she was wearing.
You can wear a big shirt or a long skirt or a blanket or that hat or those boots.
But not all at the same time.  Pick ONE.
Wait – is this a vest with the sleeves built in?
I have to admit I am a little horrified.
I think that is the Tim Gunn influence right there.

I suppose I can’t be too snarky about the pastel colors – apparently it is totally a thing right now.  Today I walked by a street fair type thing on my way to the library and all the clothing vendors were stuffed with pale frilly pastel things.  Part of me ponders if this is an overreaction to the bold neon colors that were “in” at the beginning of this year, and part of me doesn’t really care.  I don’t look good in neons or in pastels, so it won’t really affect my sewing plans at all.  Of course, it could mean some very boring Burda pictures for the next few months.  *Sigh*  (Also: random tangent – the library has moving bookshelves now, I so totally though I was going to get smooshed while hopelessly looking for things on the top shelf that I couldn’t see because the aisles are so narrow now it is physically impossible to crane one’s head at an appropriate angle so as to be able to read the spines.  Luckily I escaped.  With books.  We should all rejoice.)

On the positive side, I thought this dress was fabulous:

Knowing my luck it will be a petit size.

And, since I know some people were talking about having boucle dresses in the works, I actually find this pattern somewhat timely:

I sort of like this, but I want to see the line drawing.
I am *thinking* it might be the vintage pattern for the month.

I have to admit, I am (once again) totally jealous of the Burda Plus patterns:

Can you say VaVaVoom?  I needs me some of that.
This is normally not my style, and yet I think she looks fabulous.
Could it be?  Yes, I think it is – it’s color!  Mine eyes are blinded!

Yeah, overall this preview is kinda depressing.  I mean, you know it is bad if I am showing you this:

Heck, I am even jealous of the kid patterns this time around.

Overall… I am not impressed.  Like, even more not impressed than I was with November not impressed.  November had a few good patterns to redeem itself…  I can’t say for sure yet, but based on this it seems like December may not.  Perhaps we will be lucky and get a few more fabulous party gowns?  Or maybe Burda is just going to give us lumps of coal for the holiday.  Or at least imply we should dress like one.

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