Newsflash: New Vogue Patterns!

Ok, so I have been stalking the Vogue pattern website for about a week because I knew it was going to be time for a new release soon.  So I wasn’t surprised when I got the announcement email from BMV website.  Upon inspection of the new patterns I was, however, extremely underwhelmed.  I mean I am trying to find something redeeming in this collection, but I am struggling.  There is only one patter I am actually really liking:

V8868 – Yes, the only thing I liked were the hats!

It was clear that Vogue is very much following the trends – color blocking, peplums, and VOLUME.  None of which are trends I am especially digging at the moment.  I mean, I have enough color blocking patterns courtesy of Burda, I am on the fence with the whole peplum think, and the voluminous Vogue patterns are just too much.  I mean large to the point of being crazy.  Makes me feel like I am very on trend with my recent wide-legged trousers I suppose.  Although, compared to some of the new Vogue patterns, my pants might as well be leggings! Anyway, I actually found a majority of the collection to be too boring to be worth mentioning, but there was enough to laugh at I figured I might as post those.

Ok, first, these patterns are ok, but not terribly exciting:

V1328 – Kay Unger dress.
It is ok, but so similar to the October Burda pattern, I don’t need another.
V8845 – Claire Schaeffer’s Custom Couture Collection
I like this on the model and the line drawing, but I feel like if I wore it, it would just look wrinkly and messy.
V8865 – Vogue Wardrobe collection.
I like the jacket.  But, again, I feel like it just won’t translate well into real life.
V8858 – Marcy Tilton Design.
I think the skirt is super dramatic.  This pattern also comes with more “wearable” versions.
I am not interested by the practical designs, and not really in need of such a dramatic skirt.

There were also some new “Vintage Vogue” patterns:

V8851 – Vintage Vogue.
Ok, but not something I would wear.
V8850 – Vintage Vogue.
Again, not something I would wear.  I do think this dress is interesting though.
Just not my personal style.

On to the trends.  Color blocking:

V1326 – Tom and Linda Platt design.
Makes me think of a black widow spider?
V1329 – Kay Unger design.
I actually like this color blocked design.  I don’t know if I *need* it.
Hmmm… maybe I need it.  The line drawing is nice – lots of seam lines for fitting.


V8849 – Vogue Easy Options.
Selection of basic sheath dresses and peplum options.
V8866 – Vogue Wardrobe Pattern.
This is a case of two trends (peplums and volume) smashing together and
making something a bit… over the top.


V1327 – Anne Klein.
Something just seems… off… with the proportions of this dress?
V8846 – Custom Fit with Cup Sizing.
Sack dress.  Even if the sack is draped well, it is still a sack.
V8853 – Very Easy Vogue.
Can you say dowdy?
V1331 – KOOS Couture.
V1335 – Guy Laroche.
Straight jacket!
V1332 – Pamella Rolland.

So… ummm… yeah.  Not impressed.  Amused, in a way, but not impressed.  The Kay Unger color blocked dress is growing on me though.  And I still like those hats.  But other than that… Well, I suppose I can always look forward to the December Burda?  What do you all think?  Feel free to discuss in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Newsflash: New Vogue Patterns!

  1. This is probably the most disappointing Vogue Pattern collection I have ever seen. The coats and jackets are not at all flattering. The Guy Laroche coat would add 20 pounds to any woman and that peplum jacket could have been pretty if the peplum part wasn't so extreme. For the first time ever I don't love Claire Schaeffer's pattern.


  2. I liked those two Kay Unger dresses and the peplum dress, but we've seen a lot of this before, as you said. The word that came to mind with the Guy Laroche was “Hoth”.


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