Book Review: Legion

So although I have been working my way through George R. R. Martin’s epic fantasy series and have put other books on hold until I get through the next few books, there are a few authors who automatically get to jump the line.  Brandon Sanderson is one of them.  When I pre-ordered Tim Gunn’s latest book on fashion (since I am doing a Tim Gunn inspired sewing challenge this year, clearly this book was a must read) I decided to order/pre-order some of Brandon Sanderson’s upcoming books as well.  Happy day, when Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible and Brandon Sanderson’s Legion showed up in the same box.  I have finished the Tim Gunn book as well, and will do a proper review soon.  I have to say I went for Legion first though, and I devoured it in an afternoon.

Legion is a wonderfully fun and thought provoking story by Brandon Sanderson.  A short 85 page novella length (though considering how epic fantasy writers deal with story length this is probably closer to a “short story” for him) gives a perfect taste of the fascinating characters Brandon has created. Unlike Brandon’s other works, Legion takes place in a modern day real world setting.  It follows the adventure of a very special detective with schizophrenic-like tendencies and his search for a magical medium format camera.  Though brief, this story forces one to question their relationship with science, religion, world politics, and themselves.  As is characteristic of Sanderson’s works, the characters are lively, diverse, and entertaining, even when they may not technically exist.  Though his story touches on serious topics, the quick pacing and witty dialogue still make it fun to read.  I read it in one sitting (well, with a mild interruption for lunch) and it was incredibly enjoyable.  The conclusion to the story was satisfying, but left open ended enough that further adventures could be written in the future.  Fans of Brandon Sanderson will enjoy the story, but I think this could be a fun read for everyone, even if they aren’t necessarily fans of fantasy or science fiction.  All in all a great little book, and one I highly recommend.

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