Sewing Plans, Interrupted

Yes, my original sewing plans for early fall have been interrupted – by more sewing plans!  I have completed the first two items on my original list, and was supposed to be working on a skating costume tutorial for you all… but I am allowing myself to be distracted temporarily.  Skating practices are starting to pick back up, and people are starting to come back.  And wanting me to sew things for them.  Already.  *Le sigh*  I am willing to do (of course), but, let’s face it, I am still recovering from post-nationals sewing burnout.  So I have informed everyone that I am not doing any skating sewing until October.  And I have decided that this applies to the blog posts too.  So, officially, I will do a skating costume tutorial and info dump post once we get to October.  Until then… sewing time is me time!

And, since it is me time, and me is feeling very capricious right now, I am going to interrupt my original plans with a few additional items…

(1) Another Simplicity 2369

This time I am going to go for view A (the long dress), but I am thinking I might use the short sleeves from view B, mainly so it will be easier to layer the dress under a jacket or cardigan for the fall.  I am going to use a graphic black and white print that I picked up from the Loft.  I am going to use this to fulfill my “Day Dress” requirement for my year-long Sewing Challenge.  Originally, I was planning on making a Butterick dress from a lovely cotton lawn, but I think I might move that project to next spring, when it will be more wearable.  I love my new shirt so much I really want to make another version of this pattern right now.

(2) Burda Style Magazine 09-2012-104

The hard to see but really awesome turtleneck.

I was at a recent pattern sale and saw this lovely stripped knit fabric, and knew it had to become this top.  I loved so many of the shirts in the most recent september Burda, and right now I am feeling the urge to just make them, because I know they will get a lot of use in the coming months.  A deviation from my sewing challenge, yes, but worthwhile I think.

(3) Burda Style Magazine 09-2012-123

The knit top with the shoulder details.

Yeah, I really like the knit tops from September.  I am going to dig in my stash, but right now I am thinking that I might have a nice blue that will coordinate with the stripped knit I just got… so you might be seeing a lot of stripes…  Or maybe not.  I need to search through the stash to see what I come up with for this one, but the design has been growing on me, so I know I am going to find something to make it.

So yeah… Sewing plans interrupted by MORE sewing plans.  Once I get these projects out of the way I am going to get back to my button-down shirt, and probably try to get the Patrones pants in there too.  After that I will get the tutorial underway (and start sewing for other people again).  By then I am hoping that the mojo will feel up to tackling some coats and jackets.  I have so many coats and jackets planned for my sewing challenge and I haven’t gotten to many of them yet this year.  The coat fabric is taking up too much room in the stash – so I expect to be churning out a bunch of coats through the end of the year.  So, lots to look forward to, but first – more knits!

3 thoughts on “Sewing Plans, Interrupted

  1. No need to apologize, it's OK to sew for yourself!! Isn't that why most of us started sewing in the first place? I look forward to the tutorial at some point in the future, and I am also interested in seeing and hearing about the longer wrap dress in this pattern. My own sewing plans are on hold due to work and judging activities so I am living vicariously until after the holidays.


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