Newsflash: Burda Easy Fall/Winter Announced

The Russian Burda website has posted the full preview of the Fall/Winter Burda Easy.  We all know I am obsessed with Burda, yet the easy fashion issues usually don’t hold much interest for me.  And, despite this being a fall/winter issue with a nice assortment of tops, skirts, pants, and coats, I still couldn’t seem to find anything that actually makes me want to go out and buy this magazine.  I mean, the designs are good basic designs, but I feel like I already have a lot of good basic patterns (through my regular Burda subscription), and nothing here excites me to the point of actually wanting to make any of it.

There look to be 3 main sections for the Burda Easy Fashion:

The Minty Green & Pink Section
The Grey & Black Leather Section
The Sparkly Blue & Gold Section

 I did like a few of the designs in this issue:

Lace top is pretty!
And I did like this skirt.
We all know I have a thing for coats.
(I don’t think this is the best shape for me, but I love the collar!)
Ok, part of me is inspired by the lace design and I like the color,
but part of me also thinks this looks kinda sloppy and messy.

All in all it isn’t a bad issue, it just doesn’t hold much interest for me.  I am much more interested to see what is coming up in the October Burda issue.  Luckily, German Burda is giving us a look at the garment photos here.  Of course, this isn’t all the designs, so I won’t be doing my full preview post until the Russian website has it up, but so far I see a couple of good designs and a few head scratchers.  Should be an interesting issue.

Anyway, Burda Easy Fashion – what do you think?  Is there anything you are dying to make?  Or do you look at it think “Ok, cool” and then move on with your regularly scheduled sewing program?  Does anyone actually make an effort to find Burda Easy and sew from it?  Discuss in the comments!

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