Sewing Exhibit at SFO

Ok, so during my travels I had the luck of passing through SFO (San Francisco Airport) Terminal 3.  Which means I was lucky enough to see the airport’s exhibit about the history of sewing.  If you have been following some other jet-setting bloggers, you have most likely already seen pictures of this exhibit, but I thought I would share some more, just the same.

Airport Exhibit: Threading the Needle

Picture heavy post – see more deliciously fabulous sewing goodness after the break!

A lovely hand-sewn gown.
Large signs had fashion plates and pattern artwork from the late 1800s and early 1900s.
The walls had pictures of sewing machines being used in different cultures.
Lovely sewing boxes.  I don’t have a sewing box.  If I get one I hope it is as pretty as these are.
Awesome spool/scissor/pin/thimble holders.
So cute!
To think we complain about heating up our irons today…
Really cool pattern drafting system.
Very early hand-crank sewing machines.
These toy machines look a lot like the early models.
Treadle with gorgeous sewing table.  The picture on the sign shows one as a wedding gift.
Early Singers!  So pretty…
German sewing machines…
The history of patterns.
More modern zig-zag machines.  A Viking.  Le sigh.

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