Newsflash: October Burda Early Preview Posted

The German website has posted the early preview of the October Burda.  So far, I think I am going to like October!  I mean, based on what I see in the preview, I am not such a fan of the fabric and style choices, but the patterns look interesting and I can’t wait for the line drawings to come out.  Take a look:

I really like the details on this coat!
This could be great or it could be going to bathrobe territory.
Will have to look at the line drawing to be sure.
This shirt, I love it!
Ooooh, I like this dress too!
Are they giving us the cute shirt or the weird skirt?  Remains to be seen…
This jacket looks interesting, but I can’t see anything because of the stupid glare!
Dang it Burda you tease!
Cute jacket, ok skirt?
Nice dress for Burda Plus – I love the collar.
I think they are trying to sell me on the cape, but I am looking at those pants!

So, what do you all think?  Are you as excited for the October issue as I am?

EDIT:  The Russian website has also posted a preview (with the same pictures) here.

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