What Do Barbie And I Have In Common?

So, what do Barbie and I have in common?  A wardrobe inspired by Tim Gunn!

The new Tim Gunn Barbie collection!

How many essential items can you spot?  I see:

  • A trench coat (in a neutral color)
  • A button down shirt (in classic white)
  • Jeans (classic skinnys in a dark wash – Tim’s favorite!)
  • Any occasion top
  • Skirt (super classic black pencil skirt)
  • Day dress
  • Blazer
Looks like Barbie needs to go shopping for a basic black dress, classic trousers, and a “sweatsuit alternative” outfit.  I love how you can mix and match a lot of Barbie’s pieces to create new looks – I probably should have considered colors and coordinating fabrics when I was planning my own year-long challenge, but at least I will be in good company with my Tim Gunn inspired wardrobe!

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