Newsflash: Burda August Preview Announced

The German website is first to post a preview of the August garments, but it looks to be only a partial posting.  You can see their preview with the garment photos and line drawings.  The awesomesauce new Russian website has the full preview here.  Overall I have to say that, even if there isn’t anything I see that I am dying to make up right away, there are still lots of things I am falling in love with.  This is totally the best issue in months (perhaps the best issue so far this year) because the clothes are NOT BORING!

It looks like this issue is going to consist of bright trendy clothes (hasn’t this been a section in every issue so far this year?), “Asian Inspired” clothes (also seen earlier this year), and a Lady Catherine inspired section, as well as a fall basics section.  Most of the patterns are either interesting in and of themselves, or are simple but with rich looking fabric choices, or they have fun details that I would love to replicate.  So, all in all, I am quite pleased with the offerings.  So, let’s get to it.

First off, the trends continue:

More capes!
Snake print cape – trendy or ridiculous?
Peplums and collars…
Peplums in bright colors.
I like the versatility of top + skirt = dress.
Especially because when the peplum trend dies you can still use the classic pencil skirt.

There were a lot of patterns I liked in this issue, so I thought I would look at them categorically.  First, some randomly interesting bits:

I like this top for some reason or other.  Maybe it is all of the subtle details?
This skirt = LOVE!
Vest of crazy fabric combos, but the tie front is interesting.

And now for my latest pants pattern obsessions:

Simple pockets and wide-legged shape = yum.
More awesome pants…
Fun button detail!

Also lots of great jackets in this issue:

Love the collar on this jacket.
I see potential for color blocking…
I very much enjoy the stud details on the sleeves.
Love the button embellishments here – must try this sometime!
My favorite!  The seaming details = amazing.
Line drawing.  I MUST make this.

And, finally, the dresses:

I really like the sleeves on this dress for some reason.
Not so excited by the stomach ruching, but I do like the rest of this pattern.
Maybe I could do some minor alterations this this one…
I love the seaming details on this dress.
But maybe I love it more without sleeves?
This would be great to wear under a jacket.
Swoon!  Love!
LOVE the line drawing here.  This is going on the must make list.

Of course, being Burda, there were a few less than exciting things:

Sack dress.  At least the fabric is all shiny and pretty?
Sack dress #2.  Boring.
Vintage underwear pattern.  Ugliest fabric choice ever.  Also possibly ugliest granny panties ever.
But, overall, truly kick-ass edition of Burda.  Choosing my Best of for the month was really really difficult.  Really difficult.  Two patterns have really caught my attention – the black fitted dress with the poof sleeves and the blue jacket with the amazing seaming details that I love.  In the end the Best of BS for August goes to:
Black dress of Awesome!
I love both this and the jacket pattern, but I felt that the model photos really swayed me in favor of the dress.  I still plan on making both of them.  And that gather-neck dress.  And some pants.  And that skirt.  Yup.  I really love this issue.
The worst pattern of the month and BWTF Award was much easier to decide.  
Granny panties!
I am super excited that Burda is looking into their great vintage collection and re-issuing older patterns.  I am NOT please that they wasted a vintage re-print on ugly undergarments.
But, all in all, a great issue.  How do you all feel about it?  Is it the issue we have all been waiting for, or does the relative boredom of the summer issues make these designs seem more exciting than they really are?  What are your favorites and least favorites?  Anything you see that you just have to make?  Feel free to discuss in the comments.  As for me, I am super excited and I can’t wait for it to arrive!
Side note to my regular readers:  The sibling has returned from her adventures in Europe!  Which means crazy distraction for the next few days.  Add that to last-minute nationals preparations and rushing through some last-minute sewing projects means minimal time for posting.  Then it will be off to nationals where I will be super busy and have limited internet access at best.  So, I won’t say that I am going to be taking a hiatus, because I do want to post if I can get the time, but I will say that posts may be minimal or nonexistent for the next month or so.  I will try to keep up on my blog reading, but fear not if I suddenly disappear from the blog-o-sphere, as I will just be temporarily busy and I will be back by summer’s end.  When I can (hopefully) get back to selfish sewing just for me.

3 thoughts on “Newsflash: Burda August Preview Announced

  1. Burda do seem to be getting better, slowly. I actually bought the July issue (after two years of abstaining due to all the sack dresses and lazy dartless designs) after seeing Lisa's (smallthings) awesome shirt from that issue. Then I went to check their browse-through and guess what? Awkward model pose with no way to figure out the pattern lines apart from looking at the line diagrams XD


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