Finished Objects! More Skating Practice Dresses

Ok, so I have actually been doing a LOT of sewing lately.  I just haven’t been showing much of it off.  So I figured it was about time to do some finished object posts.  I still don’t have any really good pictures of my finished competition outfits, but I am slowly collecting pictures of the practice dresses I finished minutes before leaving for regionals.  Seriously!  I somehow managed to whip out three practice dresses and pack with only minutes to spare.  At least it all got done.  In any case, here are some of the things I have been working on lately:

Practice dress #1: Made from my $2.99 Fabric Mart stretch velvet.
The blue/pink contrast is not so vibrant in real-life.
The back.  The best way to deal with swayback
in stretch material is to avoid it entirely.
Black glitter stretch velvet.
Red snake print dress.  Fabric is from the Loft.
Back of the snake print dress.
So, I have been sewing you see.  I have two more practice dresses to make before nationals, and a few other things.  With any luck I will have time to do a few more finished object posts before I go, but if not then expect a lot of them after I get back.

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