Good to be Home

Due to the magic of post scheduling, I have had several posts up over the past week, though I have been busy at the regional championships.

Regionals was an interesting mix of highs and lows.  On the one hand this is the most events I have placed well in (4th or better therefore qualifying in all of my events) at a single regional meet ever.  On the other hand, I had a knee injury the week before I left, so I wasn’t skating in top form and there were definitely a few events where it showed and I could have skated much better than I did.  Overall I am happy with the results, but not happy with my skating.  There are things to work on before nationals.
In terms of sewing – I was literally sewing right up to the point at which we left.  I was able to finish all of my pre-regional sewing, and, while I would like to say that I am done with my skating sewing for this year, I am not.  There is a lot of pre-nationals sewing I need to get done.  A couple more practice outfits, and some nice trouser pants are on the agenda, though if I can eek out a a top or nice dress in the next few weeks that would be fun too.  With any luck I might be able to get some finished object posts up before nationals starts, but if it comes down to sewing or posting, sewing is going to win out.  August might be a picture-filled month.  I do have a fabric acquisition post in the works though.
As far as technology is concerned – I actually *technically* had internet access while at regionals, though it was hindered somewhat by bad penmanship.  I *finally* figured out the internet access code the night we were packing up to come home, and up until that point I had either been too busy or too tired to notice the lack of access.  It has taken me almost two days to get caught up on blog reading, and I have been rather deliberately ignoring the 20 million emails clogging up my inbox.  I am hoping the mid-week holiday will give me some extra time to sort things out.
At this point I am still recovering from post-regional exhaustion and trying to sort things out, catch up on life, and just get back into the regular routine.

6 thoughts on “Good to be Home

  1. I am impressed. Doing that well with injuries is amazing, even if you aren't entirely pleased. Take care, have a rest and take care of yourself.


  2. Congratulations on the results, even if you know you can do better. (Injuries stink!) I'm sure you'll heal and be ready for the finals!


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