Newsflash – Full Burda June 2012 Preview Posted

So the June issue preview is up – you can check out the line drawings and the garment photos on the German Burda website.  And the Russian website, despite the coming changes, has a preview of the model photos up as well!  Overall this issue is pretty ok for me – a lot of easy summer clothes, but not too much that just jumps out and grabs me.  Though, to be fair, for some reason of the “summer” issues (May-July) I always seem to like things in May and July better than June, and only really find things I like in June issues after staring at it for a bit.  It seems to be the case this year as well – there isn’t a lot of bad stuff, just also not a ton of fabulousness.  A good “summer basics” issue, I guess.  With, of course, the obligatory summer sack dresses:
Cute fabric makes up for lack of details, I guess.
I predict this will be very popular.
Although I guess there were actually quite a few things I did respond to in this issue:
Plus size dress – but I think it is actually pretty classy!
A nice wrap option, also for the plus sizes
I don’t think I would make/wear this, but lace gets me every time.
Another one I wouldn’t make, but sort of like.
It was difficult to see in the garment photo, but the pocket seaming here is pretty interesting…
Not sure how I fee about this jacket – I think it needs more shape…
But I do like the line drawing…
The halter maxi…
Here is the line drawing…
Though I am much more tempted to make it up short!
I like the back on this one – ok, this is going into the “need to make” list.
I already have a LBD, but this could be a great pattern for another one!
My favorite!  This is totally getting made at some point – I love the buttons!
Love the collar too…
And, of course, the designer dress – I loves it!

 Of course, it wouldn’t be Burda without at least a few kooky things:

Maybe it is the fabric, but this just looks so sad and drab.  Like prison wear or something.
Somehow I can’t imagine anyone wanting to add all that poof to their midsection.
Hippie clothes!

So, finally, it comes time for the Best/Worst of the month.  I had a bit of a difficult choice on the “Best” pattern, but after wavering, I have decided Best of BS June 2012 goes to:

The cool jacket!

I was debating between this and the designer dress, but I feel like the dress pattern I have seen similar things before, but I thought the jackets had some more innovative design features (collar and button placement).  Feel free to disagree with me in the comments…

And, clearly, the June 2012 BWTF Award is presented to:

Hippie fringe vest!

From the proportions to the fabric, the whole thing just looks sort of cheap, which, if you are using real leather, it shouldn’t.

So, there you have it.  Does this issue have you dreaming of easy summer days sipping lemonade on the veranda, or are you going to dig through your stash to find patterns for this summer instead?  See anything from this issue that you simply have to make?

3 thoughts on “Newsflash – Full Burda June 2012 Preview Posted

  1. The weather is so cold and wet here that it is hard to imagine wearing any of theses summery clothes! I do agree with you that he jacket is the stand out piece.


  2. I definitely fancy making that jacket.

    The blue shorter dress looks good but I don't think I'd feel brave enough to wear it without a slip or some kind of insert in the v neckline though.

    That jerkin wins the prize for hideous garment of the month!

    Looks like a promising issue…


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