Newsflash – New New Look Patterns Announced!

The latest round of New Look patterns can be seen here.  We are definitely headed into summer, with most of the patterns being easy dresses, though there are a few wardrobe and skirt patterns, and lots of patterns for children and babies too.  I don’t usually buy New Look unless I find something fabulous (for some reason their patterns require the most effort for me to fit, and when they cost as much as a Vogue on sale… I go with the Vogue).  However, there were a few cute designs this time around:

New Look 6119 – Not sure how I feel about the pattern, but I  think it will be popular .
New Look 6120 – I do like the pockets.
New Look 6122 – Probably the best summer dress pattern; it would be easy
to create a summer wardrobe with all of the variations on the top of the dress.
New Look 6123 – Similar to other patterns, but I still like this style.

So, what do you all think?  Are you fans of the new New Looks?  Or are you going to stick with the Big4 and magazine patterns for summer sewing?

3 thoughts on “Newsflash – New New Look Patterns Announced!

  1. I have so many patterns already, I could sew for a year and not repeat. So, no I won't be buying any. But that doesn't mean I don't want to, I like 6120 & 6123.


  2. Ah, yeah. I know they are by the Simplicity group, I just never think of them as “Big4,” dunno why. But yes, you are right, they do come from the Big4.


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