Where Did the Time Go?

Well, earlier this week I found (by doing a google search, finding a blog, clicking a link – you know how it goes) the biggest time suck of all time!

Time suck #1: All of the Burda Issues (Russian Editions) from 1987 – 2011 – where you can click through EVERY SINGLE PAGE!
Time suck #2: All of the Burda Issues (German Editions) from 1952 – 1987 – again with EVERY SINGLE PAGE!
You guys…  aside from the fact that this is not helping my Burda addiction in the slightest, it is also a great look at fashion history – especially since we are getting a month-by-month look at how fashions and fads were changing.
March 1955 – Swoon!
May 1966 – Loving the lace!
September 1971 – I NEED this coat!
October 1971 – It is official – I love all coats from the early 70s.
March 1986 – Ugh.  Is it any wonder I hated clothes during my youth?
November 1989 – Apparently Burda ALWAYS had a things for crazy pants.
(Don’t these look similar to the November 2011 pants?)
December 1997 – Lace pants – crazy stupid or crazy amazing?
December 2001 – Stunning!
I am wasting so much time here… not good, I need to get back to sewing!

6 thoughts on “Where Did the Time Go?

  1. I know!!! Actually, the fact that they did have a few vintage patterns in their recent envelope releases gives me hope that they *might* re-release some of this amazing awesomeness, especially if their recent vintage patterns sell well.


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