Use Tax Can Bite My ***!

In honor of Tax Day in the US I thought I would share my sentiment on “Use Tax” – that annoying sales tax that comes around once a year to remind you just how much fabric you bought online the year before.  I don’t know if everyone has to pay “use tax” but basically it is a way for the state to gain sales tax on any items you bought out of the state but are using in the state.  Which means anything you bought on vacation, anything you bought online, anything you bought not in your state of residence.  Which starts to add up when you consider how many purchases happen online these days.  Especially for important things like fabric, rhinestones, and skate parts.  Which isn’t to say I didn’t plan for this, because I did, but that still doesn’t mean it’s not painful when you have to pay a year’s worth of sales tax in one lump sum.  Ouch.

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