Liberty of London Sale!

I have never used or even bought anything from the Liberty of London line of fabrics.  However, I do know that they are a favorite among many home sewers on the internet.  So I thought I would let you all know that Michael Levine is having a 2-day 20% off sale – you can get the fabric for about $28/yard, which is pretty good for the Liberty fabric (usually $35/yard).  You can look at the sale items here.  Also, just so you all know, I have ordered off of this website, and they box and ship pretty much same day – I have had excellent service when I have ordered from them in the past.  So no worries about the ordering or transactions.

You know, I really rather like some of the patterns:

(Doesn’t this remind you of some of the latest Butterick pattern cover designs?)
My favorite!

Anyway, I don’t think I will be partaking in any of the fabrics, as right now my sewing money is going towards skating costumes (and rhinestones are expensive y’all), but I thought I would pass along news of the sale just in case you might be interested.  Happy sewing!

One thought on “Liberty of London Sale!

  1. That is a good sale! I've never indulged in any Liberty fabrics either – it's always been too expensive to just stash. And prints aren't really my thing. But their fabric does feel wonderful!


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