Newsflash – Burda May Early Preview Posted

The early preview for the May 2012 BurdaStyle magazine can be viewed here.  So far I don’t see anything super inspiring, but also nothing hideous.  Seems like most of the preview pictures are following the big trends this season:

More color blocking
Maxi dress
I like the relaxed looking shirt and these pants too!
I think these are the same pants – I like them, but I want to see the line drawing.
I like this skirt too.
I think the lace skirt is pretty, but I think this is for plus sizes.
I also really like this shirt, but, again, probably the plus sizes.

So far I like a lot of these ok, but none of them are super-exciting-need-to-make-it-now, so I am hoping that there will be more exciting things when the full preview comes out later this month…

Also, in other Burda news, it seems the Russian Burda website will be going under a major overhaul and look different starting May 1.  I am hoping this won’t change the way they post the full previews of the new magazines.  I mean, I know the German website posts garment photos and line drawings, but I really prefer to see them together with the model photos when I am doing my pre-arrival analysis of the magazine.  I suppose if they do change too much I can always use the French or Italian websites instead…

So, what do you all think about the preview – excited, or not?  Do you have any apprehension about the coming changes to the Russian website?

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