Newsflash – April Burda Style Preview Posted

The full preview of the April Burda Style has been posted to the Russian website here.  And, well, I have to say I am actually more excited now that I have seen the full preview.  I don’t know that there is anything that will cause me to rip out the pattern sheets upon arrival as happened with the March issue, but I do think there are a lot of good basics and a some items with a few fun details.

First, and most awesomely, we are getting a special designer dress in this issue!


I mean, I realize it sort of is a sack dress with pleats and gathers, but it is so pretty I don’t care.  I really want one.  And I think I will have to make one, if I can find the right fabric.  It would be dreamy in a lovely silk chiffon….

Alright moving on, it seems Burda has minimized it use of the sack dress in this magazine (yay), though they did manage to slip one by me:

I saw this and thought, hmm could be interesting…
Then I saw this and thought meh.

Also, it seems as though Burda is skipping Spring and jumping right into summer – they already have a bikini pattern this year:

Much much better than last year, even if the print is crazy.

So much better than the saggy drawers monstrosity of last June.

And, well, actually there were quite a few designs I liked in this issue:

The sleeves might be fun to add to another dress…
Though maybe I like it a bit better as a shirt?
I can’t decide if I like these pants…
But I do like the way they look in the model photos.
Love this little bolero.
And this red dress – perfect for tango dancing
Here is the line drawing – interesting front darts for shaping.
And I LOVE this dress with the lace sleeves.  I have a thing for lace…

There are also lots of shirts and skirts that aren’t terribly exciting, but could be great basics, so overall I would say this is a pretty good issue as far as the normal ranges go.  The plus sized designs are a bit bland, but I did like this draped dress/top:

Though my favorite plus sized garment has to be this skirt:

Love the subtle details – I will have to grade this down for me!

Of course, Burda couldn’t give us all classy styles – they had to get some of the crazy in there as well:

More saggy diaper pants (does anyone ever make these?  Does anyone ever wear them?)
I thought this crazy jumpsuit might be the worst pattern of the month…
But then I saw this.  She looks like a goddess… so I guess I can’t ridicule the pattern too much?
However this playsuit gets no such consideration.  Awful.
(Clio – I think this might be in contention with your denim for the ugliest fabric of all time)

So I guess that finally brings us to the best of the month.  I am really torn between the subtle elegance of the black lace sleeve dress and the overwhelming pretty of the designer pattern.  Maybe it is just because we are heading into spring, but I think the overall happy lovely floatiness of the draped dress wins out, so I hereby give the Best of BS April 2012 Award to:

The exclusive designer pattern!

And, well, worst of the month wasn’t nearly as hard.  Obviously the BWTF Award for April 2012 is bestowed upon:

The ugly floral playsuit romper jumpsuit thing.

So, what do you all think?  Is there enough here to get you excited, or is it just a sort of meh month?  Or are we all just ready for May, which is traditionally Burda’s best dress issue?  Would be excited to hear your thoughts on the magazine in the comments!

Also, as a special bonus, the garment photos for the 2012 Spring/Summer Burda Easy fashion can be seen here.  I will probably do a post for this as well, once the full preview is up, but so far the offerings look pretty bland.

5 thoughts on “Newsflash – April Burda Style Preview Posted

  1. I actually made two different baggy crotch styles! And I don't even like them. Why you ask? Boredom, really. I almost never wear skirts, so I am always looking for casual pants patterns. They have pushed so many of these over the last 18 months that I broke down and tried a couple. Never again! They just aren't a good look on me. Probably not a good look on most people, really.


  2. Yeah, it is just one of those styles I don't think I will ever appreciate, even in an abstract sort of way. I think I saw someone who tried something like these for yoga pants once. Which I suppose I could understand, but I guess when I am skating I like all of my clothes/costumes to be very fitted so I can have more freedom of movement, and I think even in exercise pants I would want that close fit as well. I don't know, I suppose some people like them? And I suppose I could understand the practicality of them for, perhaps, a beach trip where you want to pull something on over a wet sandy bathing suit and having tightly fitted pants would be troublesome, but really, I can't think of when/where/why I would wear them.


  3. I will definitely be making the designer dress pattern and the top/dress with the interesting sleeves. Probably no floral romper suits for me this year though…


  4. I can't wait until my copy arrives – I want a better look at those sleeves! Also, I want a better look at those pants. Are they knit or is there a zipper somewhere?


  5. The pants have a side zip, but I was looking and thinking I liked the slim but relaxed fit for exercise/yoga type pants. It doesn't seem to have a waistband, but that should be easy enough to add…


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