The Rest of My Fabric Has Arrived

So a while ago I posted about my Fat Tuesday Fabric Haul, and finally the rest of the fabric I had ordered has arrived!  Maybe not quite as exciting, but I thought I would share anyway.

I have been dreaming about a lot of the pants in the Patrones my sister brought back from Spain, not to mention patterns I have in my stack of Burdas, so I got a lot of fabric while it was on sale.  From Fashion Fabrics Club I got some pant-weight cottons and a few super-sale items:

Left to right: Olive green cotton sateen, tan cotton sateen, light brown poly sateen, pink lining
Pink twill lining, $1.99/yard.

Also, after my Fat Tuesday haul, turns out the Uptown Raw Silk that I fell so much in love with went on sale at for $3.99/yard!  So, well, I was going to wait before I ordered any more, but at that price I couldn’t pass it up!  I also got some $2.99 linen to make some pants as part of my sewing challenge:

Navy linen/rayon blend – much darker in real life, but very soft and nice.
Lavender silk suiting!  I am so happy they had that sale!
This one has sparkles!  I love it sooooo much!

So… yeah.  Now I really am fabric satiated.  Perhaps that is why I am feeling the need to sew up a bunch of quick projects all of a sudden?  Speaking of which, there are a few more finished-ish items, but I wasn’t really in a mood to do a photo shoot, so you can look forward to more pattern review posts next weekend.

Also, I was able to get some sale patterns from Joann this weekend!  Even though I was quite vexed that they put out the new Butterick books on Thursday, but didn’t put out the actual patterns until Saturday, and I had to go back to get them (grumble grumble silly need to track inventory grumble).  But I was able to get all the new patterns I have been looking for:


And, I also had one slightly guilty Ebay purchase – the April 2009 Burda magazine…  Which arrived and is also fabulous.  I am obsessed with these pants:


And this coat:


Among many other pretty dress patterns…  So, slightly guilty, but it makes me happy.  And it is sometimes hard to find the exact Burda back-issue I want, so if I luck into finding them I try to get them if I can.  Of course, at this point I have only 2-3 issues that I still really really want, and trying to find them is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

So yeah… My fabric stash is now quite stuffed to the brim, and I really do think I am going to have to do quite a bit of sewing before I think about getting anything else.  Which could be a might bit difficult for a few months since we are heading into the time when my sewing plans will be obsessively focused on skating.  Especially this year, when I might have a few paying clients!  Don’t want to jinx anything, and normally I would not sew for others (internet seamstresses know what I mean), but people are willing to pay decently for custom costumes, and spandex is much easier to fit than wool.  And I like to make skating costumes, so at least I would be sewing something fun…  And money is always good.  Because that means more rhinestones (or fabric, or patterns) for me!  So really, the part of me that longs to live up to the teachings of the Selfish Seamstress is actually nodding in approval, even if I won’t be charging $85/hour.

3 thoughts on “The Rest of My Fabric Has Arrived

  1. I love the Butterick patterns. I can't wait to see reviews come in on those first two. I definitely plan to buy them the next time there is a sale (didn't drive out there this time around…)

    This week needs to be dress making week for me. I need to do that, and finish a quilt by mid-April.


  2. It'd be great if you can make some money from sewing. I know that when I was an little tiny ice-skating child (about a hundred years ago) my mum used to sew my costumes because they were so expensive to buy – and she could sew them better than any of the “cheap” ones for sale.

    I love your new fabrics, especially the one with sparkles – I would have had to buy that.

    If you have a list of the Burda magazines you are looking for – send me an email (or leave a response here – I'll bookmark this post). I have most of the mags from 2007 onwards and there are a tiny few of them that I know I'm never going to sew from. I am loathe to put them up for sale “just in case”, but if I knew they were going to go to a good home I might be persuaded to part with them. There's a teeny-tiny chance that one of my “never going to sew from” could coincide with your want list.


  3. Even if your list and my list don't match it is very nice of you to make the offer! I will send you an email as well, but in case you see this first my Burda wish list is (in order of priority):

    (1) November 2007 – I love everything in the magazine! Or near enough. I expect everyone else loves it too, as I have never seen this issue for sale.

    (2) January 2011 – I love the coats in this issue, and a few of the other patterns. I totally should have bought it when I saw it in a store, but at that point I thought the patterns were too complicated, and I didn't know to look at the line drawings in the middle pages.

    (3) August 2007 – This has a nice mix of patterns I like – tops, skirts, jackets. I even like the half-jacket half-cape thing.

    While many of the other magazines have one or two patterns I really like, these three issues have lots of patterns I love. Even if many of them aren't exactly practical (I am way too obsessed with coat patterns), I assue you that any of these magazines would be much loved in my collection.


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