Newsflash – New Butterick Patterns Announced

After all the other pattern releases, it was about time for Butterick to join in with their spring releases.  If you love dresses – you are in luck!  Or maybe out of luck if you aren’t looking to buy any new patterns.  If you were hoping for anything other than a dress, too bad maybe next time.

Some of the more notable patterns:

B5750 – One of the Suzi Chin dresses
B5749 – Another Suzi Chin pattern
5749 Line Drawing
B5758 – A Maggy London design
5758 Line – I actually like the back a lot.
B5752 – Maggy London – not a huge fan of the side pannel ruching here
B5751 – Maggy London.  I actually like the top here.

And, for the Retro lovers:


There were a lot of other new patterns, but I didn’t think they were very interesting.  It seems Butterick has decided to join Burda in promoting the sack dress as super fashionable.  Overall I would have to say this is a good release (there are lots of pretty dresses) and yet there isn’t anything I find myself really wanting.  Although I find myself responding better to many of these designs than those in the recent Simplicity release, there still isn’t anything here that I find myself dying to make up.  Or I can use other patterns in my stash to create something similar.  So I don’t know if I will be adding anything to my pattern wish list, but if I see a lot of stunning creations turning up on Pattern Review I might be persuaded to get some latter on.  So, what does everyone else think?  Anything you are obsessed with?  Or just another bunch dresses?

6 thoughts on “Newsflash – New Butterick Patterns Announced

  1. I certainly like your picks. The first 2 dresses are especially pretty IMHO. I'm going to dash over and see what else they have. Thanks for the heads up!


  2. I really like 5749, but the print they used made it such that I didn't even realize it was a cowl neck (which I love) until I clicked through it to see the line drawings! Who ever put together this collection really did it a disservice- the prints are so busy you can't see the features at all, and most of the dresses look identical, but aren't.

    That said, I got 4 new vogue patterns yesterday, so I won't be buying any of these for awhile. 4 vogues = 16 “regular” patterns. I'm a bit cheapskate.


  3. I agree – the prints make them look awful. Or, at least the prints they used. I think the colors are too dark or muddy to transfer well in the photos. It should be a rule to never (or almost never) use black in sample garments… you can't see a thing!

    Looking at these with fresh eyes, I actually do really like the first three designs, so I might look for those at an upcoming sale. But I totally know what you mean about Vogue feeling like a splurge. I find I only buy Vogue if I really like the design. But then I have used more Vogue than Butterick in the past year, so I guess there is that to consider as well…


  4. Yeah, they seem to have gone a bit bonkers with the prints. When I first looked at the new releases it was just a blur of floral and you couldnt actually see any of the style lines. Why do they do that?


  5. 5752 is a copy of an Adrianna Papell dress that I knocked off last year using a pattern from that Russian pattern site whose name I can't remember. Sadly I never got to wear it for the happy reason that I lost weight.

    I like 5749 becuase it's got some shoulder coverage!


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