Sewing Update – Darn those hems!

I just wanted to post an update and let everyone know – I have been sewing!  A lot, actually.  I just don’t have any finished projects to show off at the moment.  Here are a few quick updates on things:

The raincoat: is really almost done!  I literally have half the lining hem to finish.  And it isn’t that I hate hand sewing.  I just hate hand sewing the hems on that rubberized material.  I can only deal with it so long before I get totally exhausted.  But, I figure one (or two…) more pushes and I can get this baby done.

The little black dress: is also almost done!  I finished the machine sewing, and also only have hemming to do.  Which I also plan to do by hand.  But this should be much easier/faster since I won’t be sewing through the most puncture-resistant fabric of all time.  Once this is done I need to pick out accessories so I can do a fun photo shoot – this dress is really looking like the perfect backdrop for accessorizing.

The button down shirt: is in progress.  Well, the muslin is in progress.  Or, maybe not “muslin,” since I am hoping it will be wearable.  Test garment?  Dry run?  Whatever.  In any case, this is in progress, so I probably won’t be finishing this until next weekend, and it will take at least another week before the final version is close to being finished if the first draft goes well.  I probably would have been able to finish it this weekend, but there were a few (time consuming) skating events going on, so I didn’t have as much sewing time as I usually do on the weekends.

The plan for this coming week: cutting out a few practice dresses for skating, and maybe sewing those up next weekend along with the rest of the shirt.  Hopefully I will also be able to get some finished projects and pattern reviews posted next week as well.

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