Newsflash – PatternReview Best of 2011

PatternReview has announced the Best Patterns of 2011.  This is one of the most popular posts each year, highlighting the previous year’s most popular patterns.

For 2011 the top spots have gone mainly to dresses and tops.  It is no surprise that Vogue 1250 (sisterhood of the magical dress pattern) took the top spot, and I was also not surprised to see the Collette Sorbetto top, or the Simplicity 2497 Cynthia Rowley dress.  I was also sort of pleased to see the McCall’s 6078 draped top, since I recently used the pattern (for a second time) as part of my sewing challenge.

V1250 – I bought this pattern because of all the great reviews.

However, I do have to say I am a bit sad that there were no jackets, pants, or even separate skirt patterns among these choices.  I almost sort of wish that Pattern Review would have several categories (outerwear, pants, skirt, fancy dress, casual dress, knit tops, non-knit tops, overall best pattern of the year).  Also, the Sorbetto was the only non-Big4 to crack the top, and I wish there might have been more patterns from other brands represented.

On the one hand, I agree that the people like what the people like, and if everyone is sewing up Vogue dresses they should be listed, but on the other hand, if you don’t want to make a drapey dress then there isn’t much to be gained from reading this list.  Perhaps there should be two posts – the Best Patterns, separated by category, and Most Popular Patterns, which would be based simply on number of (favorable) reviews posted.  This would give a much better cross section of available patterns, as well as highlighting what is popular among the PR readers.  I don’t know.  I suppose with so many fabulous bloggers posting about new patterns and finished projects there isn’t really too much of a chance of us missing out on something really good.  But I still wish this best-of list would be a bit more representative of all the great patterns, silhouettes, and styles that were popular in 2011.

5 thoughts on “Newsflash – PatternReview Best of 2011

  1. I hear you. I think the reason dresses are so popular is because their both quick and easy. I'm not a regular dress wearer myself, so am currently trying to branch out into the more difficult things like pants and shorts! It's so much easier to fit a loose, drape-y dress than a pair of pants! Fabulous to see the entrance of an independent pattern in there – hopefully this foot in the door will indicate the things to come!


  2. WOW – It really was the designer showdown with 2 Cynthia Rowley (Simplicity) patterns,3 DKNY (Vogue) patterns, and one each from Tracey Reese and Rachel Comey (both Vogue)!


  3. I've thought for a while that they should rename it to the “most popular patterns of 20xx” rather than best, because that's really what it's based on – number of reviews. Big 4's always going to get more reviews because most PR members are in North America, and quick and easy patterns and knit patterns are always going to get made up more often than more complex and tailored patterns. Not that I'm not guilty of that myself, but it's not really representative of the true “best patterns” that everyone's sewn.

    (Hi, recently discovered your blog through a link, am really enjoying it.)


  4. Glad you are enjoying the blog!

    And, yeah, I understand why these patterns were chosen, but I feel like there has been a better mix of brands and styles in years past, so for me this year is sort of a let down…


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