Newsflash – Spring Vogue Patterns Announced!

The latest Vogues have been released and you can see them here.  Overall I have to say that I think this is a pretty great collection – there are several patterns that I want to buy, and several others that are very similar to patterns that I have bought (I don’t need another version, but I do like the style).  In any case, some of the more notable styles:

V8801 – Men’s jeans!  Always nice to see a man’s pattern that isn’t scrubs.
V1282 – A Donna Karen Pattern I predict will take Pattern Review by storm

Here are my favorites, that I am going to put on my “to-buy” list:

V1280 – I love this dress!
Here is the line drawing – fabulous!
V1281 – I also love this dress!
Another one where I thought the line drawing sold me.
V1289 – another pretty dress
V1293 – I love the jacket!
V8787 – I wasn’t impressed by the photo
But I love all the options included in the pattern!
V8789 – I don’t usually go too vintage, but I LOVE this dress.

There is another Vogue pattern sale at Joann’s in a few weeks – with any luck these might be in by then.  Although in reality I am probably going to have to wait 2 sales cycles to get these.  What are everyone else’s favorites?  Did I miss anything amazing?

One thought on “Newsflash – Spring Vogue Patterns Announced!

  1. It certainly always pays to check out the line drawing! It's so much easier to visualise on yourself this way. Like you, I'm loving the look of all these challenging and interesting lines! Especially V8787 – talk about not trying to judge at first glance!


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