Old Sewing Projects – Toys

In an effort to have this blog be as complete a list of sewing projects as possible, I thought I would post some of my older projects that I haven’t shown off yet.  When I fist started to sew I just wanted to make “fun” things – skating dresses, costumes, toys.  Of course, now I have a lot of fun sewing all sorts of clothes and more “practical” things, so I suppose it is all relative.  In any case, all of the toys I sewed were gifts.

For the teddy bears, I didn’t actually make the bears (they are from Build-a-Bear Workshop), but I did sew their costumes!  Just a word to the wise – never tell your girlfriend she can’t buy more clothes for her bear.  It can lead to a teddy hostage situation.  As the accomplice, I made the clothes (she didn’t buy them as they were a gift) so that the bears would look like their owner’s favorite comic book characters, Dazzler and Captain America.

Dazzler and Captain America
Dazzler – the roller skating super hero
Captain America and his oven mits of justice!
Captain American close up

All of the bear clothes are self drafted, so I don’t really have a pattern to review for their construction.  I will say that sewing the Captain costume was a huge PITA – the metallic lame fabric broke 5 needles!  5!  For a tiny toy costume!  But, well, in the end it was worth it, as I think it looks pretty darned cool.

The other toy I made at this time was an Alot for my former roommate.  The Alot is based upon this blog rant, which is really quite funny and was a huge hit with the English majors from my undergraduate school.

I like this Alot more
Alot cuter than you
Alot more dangerous
Thanks Alot!

The Alot is also a seft-drafted pattern, based on some of my own stuffed animals.  I made all of these toys over a year ago, and haven’t made many toy items since.  While it is something I wouldn’t mind doing again, right now I am more focused on sewing clothing items for myself.  Perhaps it is “Alot” more selfish, but at the moment it is also “Alot” more fun.

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