Newsflash – Burda Spring/Summer Envelope Collection Posted

The German Burda website has posted the full preview of the Spring/Summer 2012 collection!  In general, I usually find I like more in the fall/winter collections but I have actually found quite a few nice pieces in this collection (what can I say, I am a Burda fanboi… fangurl?  Whatever, I loves me my Burda!).

Though I wouldn’t buy the plus sized patterns for myself, I do really like a lot of the styles.

This collection also included a few maternity and men’s patterns:

And there were a lot of petite patterns as well, one of them being the lovely trench from the preview:

So… I don’t think I will be buying it.  I mean, I like it, but I have enough trench patterns that I don’t need to buy one that I will have to do a lot of resizing.  But there were a lot of patterns I did love that were in my size:

Love the collar on this coat!  This envelope also comes with a biker style option.
This pattern has a lovely lace top and great pants!  A total must-buy.
Like the neckline and gathered waist.
Another simple dress that would look great made up in lace.
Love this dress as well.
I also really like the top of this dress.
And I like the details on the top of this dress.

Also, on top of the usual Burda goodies, this time around there is something new – vintage reprints!  Now, I am not one of the many seamstresses who usually make up vintage patterns, but I can’t help but love some of Burda’s selections…

Loving this suit!
And I am OBSESSED with this dress – I MUST get it!
And this stunning wedding gown!  I don’t need it but I really want it.
Actually I have wanted it since I saw the Burda Italia article on 50s fashion.
And soon it will be mine!

Overall I am super excited about these new patterns, and especially some of these vintage releases.  Can’t wait for the next pattern sale!

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