Newsflash – Burda Plus Spring/Summer Issue Posted

As usual, the folks at Burda Fashion Russia are on top of things and have posted the preview for the new Burda Plus magazine.

Although, well, it might be something of a stretch to call it “new.”  I don’t spend as much time staring at the plus sized fashions in the regular Burda mags as I do staring at the rest of it, but at least 2 of the sections are simply re-prints from 2011 Burda Style magazines.

The what were they thinking selections from 06/2011
And all the gorgeous dresses from 07/2011

I haven’t been following Burda long enough to know if the other sections are re-prints or new patterns, but there were a few I thought could be sort of cute:

The pink wrap top is cute (though perhaps better in not hot pink)
I like this nice summery dress
And I thought this coat was pretty classy

Overall though, I would have to say that I don’t think there is anything super special in this issue.  I don’t use the Burda plus sizes for myself, but I have used them when sewing for others (which is to say, rarely), so I do like to take a look when they come out with the new magazines.  In this issue the best patterns by far are the gowns, which I already have, so I don’t see much reason for me to get this issue.  Does anyone subscribe to both the regular and the plus editions?  Are there generally this many re-prints?  Do you find it better to order the plus only (more economical, and everything in your size) or to get the year-long subscription (so as to not miss out on anything)?

One thought on “Newsflash – Burda Plus Spring/Summer Issue Posted

  1. For several years the Burda Plus issue was full of NEW plus size patterns, and occasionally one reprint garment. Then year before last they started re-issuing patterns from the regular mag into this special plus edition, and maybe throw one new garment in the mix. I prefer all new patterns since I sub to the regular magazine too, but I've continued renewing just to have an easier time tracing the plus patterns! The subscription is cheap enough I don't mind paying a little extra to save me from those train tracks!


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