Newsflash – February Burda Preview Posted

Once again Burda Fashion Russia has speedily posted the full preview of the next Burda Style magazine.  Like January, I would have to say that, overall, I am not super impressed with this issue.  While I do think it is nice that there are maternity clothes making an appearance in the magazine, I really don’t have any interest or need for them at the moment or even anywhere in the near future, so that section is pretty much useless for me at the moment.

Besides the maternity and children’s clothes, there were a lot of rather boring skirts, and Burda seems to be getting back to the large and shapeless silhouette:

After last May, how many more pink sacks do we need?
Although pink might be better than the alternative…

Despite most of the issue being a dud, I do actually like a lot of the Asian inspired looks though:

I like the idea of having a fancy robe.
Maybe I could have a short one…
There has been discussion about the classiness (or lack thereof) of this dress, but I like it.
I like the collar on this jacket.
And I like the nice simple lines on this one.
Fabric is pretty too.

 There are a few other things I thought were nice as well:

Simple jacket
Cozy looking cardigan.
Nice trousers.
Dress is pretty nice too.
But I think I like this one better.
Though the pattern looks a little like tangrams.
There is a skirt version as well.

In addition, the plus sized section has some very nice dresses this time around, very classy:

I am always a sucker for lace.
Gotta love the matching jacket too.

But, like I said, there was a lot of boring/crazy/ugly in this issue too.  Oddly enough, a lot of these are patterns that I actually like, just made up sort of strangely.

Same as the navy dress above, and yet here it looks so bottom heavy.
Fashion forward or just nuts?
Ruffle poof sleeves in BRIGHT ORANGE?  Well, I sort of like the belt, I think?

So…. yeah.  Even of the patterns that I like, there isn’t one that I am super crazy about.  Guess February will be another good month to work from all of my back issues that have been piling up.  In any case, the best/worst must be chosen, so here we go.

Best of BS for February 2012 goes to:

The Tangram Dress!

Despite the fact that I find the color-blocked version a bit frightening, I think in all black this dress is pretty elegant.  I do like the neckline and overall shape, and the seaming looks like it could be an interesting detail when it isn’t all crazy with wild colors.  Considering that most of the competition was pretty snooze-worthy, I thought it was an obvious choice.

And, finally, BWTF award goes to:

The ugliest pants of all time.

The model looks wider than the Grand Canyon, and I am pretty sure its all because of those pants.  The awful stripes, the poofy waistband.  Ugh.  Just gross.

And that is that.  I am sure I will still be quite excited to get my magazine in the mail, but there isn’t anything I am just dying to have.  Ah well.  Not like I don’t have a giant list of patterns waiting to be made up already anyway…

Though I will say I am excited to see what will be happening in March.  I am predicting Burda’s version of the Catherine and Pippa wedding dresses, but I suppose we will all find out soon enough.

2 thoughts on “Newsflash – February Burda Preview Posted

  1. I like the short Kimono and the tangram dress and skirt. But, yeah, there are some really questionable choices in there. At least there was no broccoli costume, like January. Ha ha ha


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