End of the Year: Reading Round Up

Well, the end of the year is coming, and I thought I would celebrate here on the blog by spending the week doing year-end type posts for sewing, skating, and reading, as well as make plans and goals for the next year.  I don’t know if I will necessarily make “resolutions” per se, but at least give myself something to shoot for.

I thought I would first look at how much reading got done this year.  I would have to say, not a lot.  It is rather abysmal, honestly.  I only managed to read 12 books, and most of them about sewing.  I think I have been spending more time reading sewing blogs than reading books, and it totally shows in my year end count of books read.  The goal for next year: spend more time reading books and less time reading online content!  Not that I will stop reading everyone’s lovely sewing blogs, of course, but I shouldn’t waste as much time at the computer doing random stuff that doesn’t lead to much of anything.

Probably my favorite fiction book for the year was Brandon Sanderson’s Alloy of Law.  It was such an exciting story.  Of course, I usually love all of his books, so I suppose it isn’t that unexpected.  It is hard to pick a favorite of the nonfiction books, since they are mostly sewing references and fulfill different needs for info on different topics.  I am super excited that Burda has a sewing book out now though.

I think I may add Pages for my sewing projects and books read – that way I can keep the list on the sidebar for the current year, but still have my total list of completed projects available for easy searching in the future.

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