Pattern Sales: Vogue, McCall’s, and Buterick

Joann will be having some pattern sales for anyone looking to get some last minute stocking stuffers…

Friday December 16 – Saturday December 17:
*$1.99 McCall’s
*$3.99 Vogue

Saturday December 17 – Saturday December 24:
*1.99 Butterick

In addition, the week of Dec. 17-24 will be Joann’s “Coupon Commotion” so there are lots of 40% and 50% off coupons floating about.

2 thoughts on “Pattern Sales: Vogue, McCall’s, and Buterick

  1. In Australia, a Simplicity Pattern (for example) is regularly about $15. Maybe Spotlight might give a gracious 25% off, but we would have to drive about 1/2 hour to the nearest store. Vogue for $3.99 – I would buy the whole catalogue!!! And remember, our $ is on parity with yours at the moment…makes you (or more likely ME!!!) stop and think!!!


  2. Wow! Yeah, earlier this year I did quite a bit of pattern buying, so now I usually only go to sales if new patterns are out (or when Burdas are on sale, which they almost never are, but I can always find another Burda that I like), or when I need something very specific. Like I bought some men's tuxedo costume patterns because I might be making skating costumes in the near future, but otherwise I would have had no need for them. I am much more choosey with things like KwikSew and Jalie because the best deals I have ever seen are something like 10-20% off, so they are still $12-15 each, and they usually involve lots of driving or shipping costs, which are expensive. I may have worked out getting some for the holidays though….


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