Newsflash – January Burda Preview Posted

The full preview has been posted to the Russian website here!  As I suspected, I am not quite as enthralled with this issue as I was with the past few months (October through December really were quite fabulous), but there are still a few things in this issue worth sewing.  Not a lot, but a few.  I think part of the problem is that so much of this issue is devoted to things I have no interest in sewing.  One of the main sections this time around is devoted to lingerie, which I have no interest in sew, and I find all of the garment images so dull that I don’t even feel the need to post pictures.

Then there is the plus sized section.  Not exciting at all.  It consists ENTIRELY of blouses, most of which are the large sack-like creations Burda is so fond of at the moment.  Burda made them up in pretty fabric, so they look nice in the magazine, but overall not too interesting there either.

Then, of course, there is the costume section.  Ah, yes, the infamous Burda Carnival season is here.  Let’s see what’s in this year:

Actually, the dress isn’t too bad!
Astronauts… Though somehow I am thinking the heels could be sorta dangerous floating about in space…
These are actually sort of pretty!
Apparently Vegetable + Vegetable = Fruit?
How we get a berry from a carrot I will never know.
Clearly the family outcast…

Ok, ok, enough crazy, time to look at the real clothes.  There are a few things I am on the fence about.  Normally this style wouldn’t appeal to me, since it is so large and poofy, but the line drawing is rather interesting:

Voluminous is not usually my thing.
But the sleeves look fascinating.

And then there is this ruffly sweater top:

Cute and girly or will I look like the lion king?
Perhaps it is better shorter and in a color?

And then there is this dress:

My first thought was “Gumby arm”

There are, however, a few designs I really really like.  Apparently Burda really really liked them as well, since they made them up at least 2 times each.  So nice they made them twice?

Love this simple dress with the sparkly sequined fabric!
Not so much in the simple grey, but still nice.
Also love the bow wrap top!  Much better than last issue – I really want to make this one.
I think I prefer it in an opaque fabric though.
And I love this simple black dress.
But I love it even more with the zipper detail!

Normally I am not at all excited by the whole exposed zipper trend, but here I really like it.  It adds just enough edginess to the dress to make it exciting and interesting.  Other than these three garments there wasn’t a whole lot I found interesting in this issue.  The only garment I liked that Burda didn’t make twice was this coat-dress:

Difficult to see the details in black…
But the line drawing is amazing!

So, yeah, not as much in this issue that I am dying to make.  Actually, I wouldn’t say I am dying to make any of it, but more that I am considering making some of it.  Eventually.  Maybe.  If I find a need for it.

There wasn’t a whole lot of horrendousness in this issue either.  Since so many of the patterns are rather blah, there isn’t a lot to laugh at, but there are a few questionable pieces….

It looks like a tablecloth.  Really, it does.
The shiny gold fabric doesn’t hide the crazy one sleeve thing.

 Erm… yeah.  That’s about it.  Sadly I found most of the patterns in this magazine sort of boring.  There are a lot of skirt patterns, but they are pretty basic, and I don’t really have the desire to make or wear a maxi-length skirt.  Just not my thing.  The pants are similarly uninspiring.  So I guess that means it is time to announce the first Burda awards of 2012.  Crazy.  Anyway, here we go…

I had a difficult time deciding the best award.  Should it go to the most interesting line drawing?  The pattern I am most likely to make up?  The design that looks best on the model?  Originally I was drawn to the zipper-detailed ruched dress, but, honestly, in the model photo it sort of looks like a mess.  Well, not a total mess, but definitely too large for the model.  So I decided to go with the pattern I think has the most potential for timeless chic elegance.  The Best of BS Award for January 2012 goes to….

Silver sequined dress!

This is the perfect pattern to highlight fabulous and interesting fabric.  Sequins are all the rage right now (I have seen at least 3-5 sequin tops/dresses made up by various sewing bloggers this past month, and the trend looks like it will continue), and this dress makes them look classy and chic, rather than over the top vegas showgirl.  It actually makes me want to find sequined fabric to recreate this dress, although I have nowhere to wear it.

Now, for the worst pattern of the month I also had a bit of a debate.  I felt I should leave out the costumes, since, well, that just wouldn’t be fair.  And the lingerie section wasn’t crazy, just boring.  So I didn’t really have a lot to choose from.  Eventually I decided the BWTF award for January 2012 is going to…

Crazy silver top!

The fabric just looks so stiff and uncomfortable – she really does look like she is wearing some weird futuristic tablecloth or upholstery fabric.  The rest of the outfit isn’t doing her any favors either.

So, well, I don’t think I will be waiting around at the mailbox for the next few weeks anxiously waiting for the magazine to arrive.  But there are a few cute things that I could see myself making eventually, so I am sure I will still be happy when it arrives.  In the mean time I will just have to keep myself occupied with all of the things I want to make in my backlog of Burda issues.

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