Sewing Related Black Friday Sales!

So I know that since joining the sewing blog-o-sphere I have read many a great tale about the wonders of Black Friday fabric sales.  So I thought I would post a list of what is on sale, where, and when to help keep track of the deals.  I haven’t listed all of the sales, but focused on the things that are probably of most interest to the home sewer.  I haven’t listed things like sewing machines or furniture, but I have tried to get the fabric and craft items that could be useful for the holidays or that one might want to stock up on during the sale.  I will try to update as more sales are announced.


Joann Fabric and Craft:

Friday Only:
*Stores Open 6AM
*25% off total purchase coupon available (6am – Noon only)
*50% off any regular priced item coupon available (Friday all day)
*$1.49/yard flannel (as a side note – my experience with Joann flannel is it is not best quality, so I don’t know if I would consider this a good deal or not)
*50% off all jewelry, beads, supplies, and storage (THIS IS AN EXCELLENT DEAL)
*$99.99 Dritz Simple Fit Dressform (I already have a Uniquely You dressform that I love, but this could be a good deal, especially with the extra 25% off coupon)

Saturday Only:
*Stores Open 7am
*25% off total purchase coupon available (7am-Noon only)

*50% off any regular priced item coupon available (Saturday all day)

*$1.99/yard Quilter’s Showcase Prints (I am not a quilter and don’t really use quilt fabric, but as I seem to live in quilter country, I expect a vicious hoard there 7am Saturday)
*$79.99 Guttermann Thread Cabinate – 100 Polyester Spools (same as a 50% off sale, but again the 25% off coupon could bring it down)
Friday – Sunday:
*$2.99/yard Blizzard fleece solid and print (great for holiday gift making and interlining heavy duty winter coats)
*50% off Plush Fur (great for making up the December Burda coat patterns)
*$0.99 Butterick Patterns (in case you want any of the latest releases)
*50% off Bottomweights
*50% off Simply Silky Prints (great for lining fabrics or possibly holiday party clothes)
*Buy One Get One Free – Buttons
*Buy One Get One Free – Thread
Friday Nov. 25 – Saturday Dec. 3:
*50% off Holiday Inspiration Fabrics
*60% off “Puttin’ On the Glitz” and “Holiday Dressing Special Occasion” collections fabric
*60% off Fall Fashion Apparel Fabrics (excludes Sew Classics & swim/dancewear knits)
*40% off Jewelry Making Supplies (excludes beads and storage)
Thursday Dec. 1 – Saturday Dec. 3:
*$0.99 McCall’s
*$3.99 Vogue
*50% Off all blizzard fleece
*50% Off Apparel Trims
*$6.99 45mm Olfa rotary cutter or 2-45mm blade pack
*50% Off fabric dye, paint, glitter
*40% Off jewelry making beads, charms, pendants

Hancock Farbics:

Friday November 25:
*Open 8am
*50% Fall Fashion Fabrics (Wool/Wool Blend, Corduroy, Suitings, Suede)
*$2.99/yard fleece
*50% Off Notions
*$1.69/yard flannel
*$2.99 suede solids
*40% off beads, charms, accessories
*50% off Olfa 45mm rotary cutters and replacement blades
*50% off stretch velvets/velveteen/panne velvet
*$99.99 Dritz Dressforms
*40% Off buttons

Friday Nov. 25 – Sunday Nov. 27:
*10% off entire purchase coupon available
*$0.99 McCall’s
*$0.99 Butterick
*$0.99 Simplicity
*$3.99 Vogue
*20% Off Kwik Sew (awesome!)
*50% Off Fleece Solids and Prints


Michael’s Craft Stores:

Special Coupons

Thursday November 24:
*Store Hours 4pm-10pm
*30% Off Total Purchase coupon available
*$9.99 21-opening collage photo frame
*50% Off Rubber Stamps (I have always wanted to try stamped velvet…)
*15% Off 10-Drawer Rolling Cart (notions storage!)

Friday November 25:
*Store Hours 6am-9:30pm
*25% Off Total Purchase Coupon Available (6am-Noon ONLY)
*50% Off any regular priced item coupon available (Noon-9:30pm ONLY)
*70% Off “Celebrate It” Holiday Ribbon
*50% Off 7 & 7.5 ft Christmas Trees
*$1.99 “Celebrate It” 9-ft Garland or 18″ Wreath
*$19.99 Scrapbook Rolling Tote (possible a good tote for going to sewing classes?)
*$69.99 Cricut V1
*40% Off Everyday Stems
*50% Off Loops&Threads Impeccable Yarn

Saturday November 26:
*Store Hours 8am-9:30pm
*20% Off Total Purchase Coupon Available (8am-Noon ONLY)
*50% Off any regular priced item coupon available (Noon-9:30pm ONLY)

*$129.99 ($100 off) 7 & 7.5 ft pre-lit willow pine Christmas Trees
*$2.99 12″ x 12″ Scrapbook cases (actually, I have used these to store skating costumes that are too heavy to hang up – so I might get some of these…)
*50% Off American Girl Crafts
*$9.99 Collage frames

*50% off ArtMinds Christmas Ornaments
*40% off various “Celebrate It” Ribbons

Thursday November 24 – Saturday November 26:
*50% off scrapbook storage
*60% off Home Collection photo frames
*40-50% off various photo frames
*60% off “Celebrate It” Holiday Ribbon
*50% off “Celebrate It” Christmas Picks (holiday decorations)
*50% off “Celebrate It” Christmas Ornaments
*50% off “Celebrate It” Gift Wrap
*50% off “Bead Gallery” strung beads
*40% off Crystazzi beads (still overpriced – better to buy in bulk from an online retailer)
*50% off various holiday florals
*3 for $5 photo boxes (great for notions storage!)
*3 for $10 Duck Tape (for making duck-tape dummy dressforms!)
*Strathmore Artist Pads – Buy One Get One Free (for sketching sewing design ideas)
*Various sales on lights and holiday decor


Fabric Mart will be having 25% off it’s ENTIRE website.  I am not exactly sure about the timing on this sale, but I am assuming it is Thursday through Monday.  That means today is a good day to go through and fill up the wishlist.

   ___________________________________________________________________________ is having a Gobble Gobble Gobble sale through Monday November 28.  In addition to free shipping over $35 (US only), you can save more with the following Coupon Codes:

*$0 – $74.99 = Pie20 = 20% Off
*$75 – $149.99 = Pie25 = 25% Off
*$150 & Up = Pie30 = 30% Off


Fashion Fabrics Club:

FFC is having an end of the year Clearance Event through December 5, so this could be a good time to snag some online fabric at low prices.

Mood Fabrics Online:

For those of us not lucky enough to live in New York, Mood now has a nice selection of online fabrics.  This week they are having a 20% off of all cottons sale.


Dreamtime Creations:

Dreamtime Creations will be having online rhinestone sales throughout the Black Friday Weekend.  They have various specials with coupon codes available.  They plan to add coupon throughout the weekend.  You can only use one coupon code per order, so you may have to make multiple orders in order to get all of the deals you want, though they will try to combine shipping.  They are also giving 10% off total purchase of regular items over $50 with the coupon code THANKS2011.  The sale is good Thursday November 24 through midnight central standard time on Monday November 28.


Sad to say, but the online sales totally dominate the sales offered by the brick and mortar stores.  Although, honestly, I don’t know how much participation I will have in any of these sales.  I don’t really plan to do much decorating, and I already have the fabric for my holiday gift sewing.  While the 60% off fabrics at Joanns are tempting, I haven’t seen much interesting fabric there lately.  And while I could possibly find some good stuff at Fabric Mart or the sale, I also know that the Saturday after Thanksgiving I have a very special shopping trip planned, so I am hesitant to go for any of these deals.  I suppose I will just take a peak at what these online sources have to offer and maybe have them as a backup plan if Saturday doesn’t turn out as I am hoping.

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