I HATE Making Sewing Repairs!

Pardon the rant…

I have a warm-up jacket that I use for skating.  This past Sunday the zipper pull decided to disintegrate.  That’s right.  Disintegrate.  It is currently in 5 pieces.  I really don’t know what happened.  One day it was fine.  The next it was not.

Now, if this were your run of the mill, any old warm up jacket I would have just said screw it and gotten another one.  However, this is not your run-of-the-mill any old warm up jacket.  No, no, this is my fancy embroidered skating logo jacket.  I have a jacket from 2004, which I used for 6 years until 2010, when the fabric by the zipper started to tear.  Considering I would wear this thing 3-5 times a week for 51 weeks a year, that really isn’t too terribly bad.  So in 2010 I decided to get a new jacket since I didn’t want my old one to die, expecting it to last 4-6 years at least.  Sadly, this zipper lasted less than 18 months.

So, I figured I would simply remove the old zipper and insert a new one.  Hahaha.  Simply.  I spent over 2 hours ripping out the old zipper.  The insertion of the new one is sub-par at best.  The fabric wasn’t happy with the stitch removal and has a few small holes.  I have at least 20 puncture wounds on my fingers from the seam rip and the pins.  I would have had to take apart the whole jacket to install the zipper as securely as before, so, while it is in, I doubt its security.  All in all I am not entirely pleased with my fix-it-up job.  On the other hand, it zips.  So, well, there is that.

But in any case I HATE making repairs to clothes.  The fix is never as good as the original, and it takes soooo much longer to fix something than to make it right in the first place.  Arg.

Ok, rant over…

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