Happy Mail from Atlanta Thread Supply

This was my first time placing an order with Atlanta Thread & Supply Company, and I must say overall I am quite pleased with the service.  I was really excited when my big box of serger thread arrived:

Box stuffed with serger cones!

I was looking at the Joann’s thread after I ordered my machine, and thought it might be ok when they have a 50% of thread sale.  Then I heard from a sewing friend that she didn’t really care for the serger thread from Joanns all that much.  Then I realized I could order the brand name Maxi-Lock for $1.75 per cone, well, the Joann’s options didn’t seem so impressive anymore.  I figured I would get a lot of color options since the multi-packs had the best pricing:

Tailoring colors multipack – browns, greys, navy, black, and white.
Fashion colors multipack – a rainbow of options.

I also thought I should get a lot of the basic black and white cones:

Lots of black and white thread

And, well, I decided I would splurge a bit on some fun stuff too:

Maxilock Swirls in fun colors, metallic wooly nylon, and Maxilock stretch.

I was supposed to get the stretch in black, but they were out and sent white instead.  I think that may have been part of the hold up with the shipment, but since I am just experimenting with my machine right now I am not too upset about the color swap.  I want to see how the stretch fares compared to the wooly nylon for skating costume seams.  I plan to use the fun colors once I figure out the rolled hem on the serger, and I got the red/gold wooly nylon for a specific project where I am hoping to use the rolled hem feature.  As for the other colors – I am going to use a lot of the fashion colors in my upcoming holiday sewing I think, and the tailoring colors will be great for edge finishing on pants and jackets in the future.  In any case, this should give me enough thread to play around with at the moment, so I can figure out what I like and make decisions about which colors and types of threads I will be needing most in the future.  And I will most definitely be ordering my serger thread from Atlanta Thread in the future – the prices just can’t be beat.

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