Newsflash – Possible Live Streaming of Roller Skating World Championships

The Roller Skating World Championships started today with the Junior World Class Opening Ceremonies. The event was supposed to have been streamed live, but as far as I know, event streaming is still up in the air since the person who was to be in charge of the video has sadly passed away.  I have not been able to find any sources saying whether it will or won’t be streamed, but the video channel does have times listed.  I can’t seem to figure out if those are times for Brasilia or if the time has already been converted to local time.  My best effort is to keep checking news sources and keep the video window open in case something starts to happen.

Since this is the ultimate roller skating competition, featuring the best skaters in the world, it is totally worth the time to watch, if it gets posted.  The schedule can be found here.  The Junior level events will be held this week, with the inline and Precision and Show events this coming weekend, and Senior level events next week.  All of these events should be excellent and quite exciting should the video feed work.

If you want to hold out hope that those of us at home will be able to watch this year’s worlds, you can check out the link here.

I will post as soon as learn of any updates.

UPDATE: Well, it looks like my computer is trying to get a video, but I am getting errors warnings instead.  Chrome, Safari and Firefox all say the same thing – Error 3222.  I attempted to update Silverlight, but that does not appear to have helped.  If anyone else is getting video please post a comment!  Also, it looks like the scheduled times correspond to local time, so perhaps the video is on tape delay and not actually live?

UPDATE 2: Looks like streaming is still up in the air, and not very likely as they are having more important crisis at the event.  No one was able to watch the video last night, so the errors weren’t specific to my computer.  This article makes it seem like they are lucky to be having an event at all, so I suppose we should be happy they were able to deal with the problems and get the event started.  Still crossing my fingers that they might figure something out with the video before senior starts though.

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