Progress, or Complete Lack Thereof

This being sick thing is not fun and not productive.  While I think I got off relatively light in terms of pain and agony, the energy was totally zapped.  Sitting and breathing was about all I could manage this past week, so I feel like I accomplished a lot just by finishing tracing all of my trench pattern pieces.  I couldn’t muster the energy to cut fabric though.  Just couldn’t do it.  And, by my count, I am going to have 67 pieces to cut (between fabric, lining, underlining, interlining, and all the fiddly bits; interfacing will be blockfused so that isn’t counting towards the total).  This is definitely the most detailed piece I have ever made, so should be interesting to see how it goes…

Pattern has been traced!

One thing I will say is that I spent some extra time making the square and rectangular pieces Burda doesn’t print on the pattern sheets.  Usually, I just follow the instructions for what sizes to cut, but in this case there were a lot (7) that are similar sizes but have different purposes.  I thought having pattern pieces with them would help me remember where things go, and how many to cut.  Also, some of the measurements are including the seam allowances, and some of them aren’t.  The ones including allowances are indicated in the instructions, but the ones without are not.  This can get very confusing very fast, especially is you are sick with a head feeling like a cotton ball.  So, rather than find I had cut some things too small and others much too large, I figured I would just make the boring pattern pieces ahead of time, adding allowances as needed.  This took a little extra time, but I thought it would be better to give it in the front end than be angry and upset when I am trying to attach welt pockets…

Next: The scary Burda instructions…

Since everything is prepped I am hoping I can get the cutting done next week, and maybe even get started on the sewing…

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