Pattern Review: BS 06-2011-114A

Originally, my plan was to make the Vogue 7997 top first, then sew up these pants.  But, well, cutting out the fabric for the Vogue pattern went so fast I thought I might as well trace and cut out the pieces for these pants too.  I mean, there are only 3 pieces to trace and 10 to cut, which didn’t take all that long.  And after cutting I figured it really wouldn’t take all that long to sew them up, so I got started on them right away.  The only reason the sewing took longer than two hours was because I was making dinner at the same time.

This was a true instant gratification project – I didn’t do a muslin for this pattern because I was just making PJs; I would probably wear the results regardless, or at least if I did end up with a wadder I wouldn’t be too upset.  I literally went from unfolding the pattern sheet to having finished pants in about 5 hours, and that includes taking a break to make and eat dinner.  And, even better, I really like the results.

My pattern:


My PJs:

The pants – in crazy 80s print flannel
Actually I really like the shape of these pants
I should have done a better job of distributing the gathers on the elastic
But I love the pockets!

My official pattern review:

Pattern Description: Wide leg trouser with elastic waistband and in-seam pockets.  Version A has a plain hem, and version B has cuffed hems.

Pattern Sizing:  Burda sizes 36-44.  I made a size 42 at the waist, grading out to a 44 at the hips and using a 44 for the legs as well.

Were the instructions easy to follow?  Super easy, especially for Burda.  I suppose the bit about the pockets could be a little confusing to someone who has never used Burda before.  Essentially, you sew the outer seam but leave a hole for the pocket.  Then you sew the pocket to the seam allowance, then sew the pocket bags together to make the pockets.  Not too difficult but a little clarity is lost in translation.  Overall though I didn’t have any real problems sewing this together using the magazine instructions.

Did it look like the photo/drawing when you were done with it?  Yes, I would say so.  My fabric is not as drapey as the fabric used in the magazine, so the pant legs don’t hang quite the same as the magazine photos, but it does look very much like the line drawing.  I am sure if I used a lighter, drapier fabric it would look very much like the photographs though.  Also, I was not quite careful enough about evenly distributing the fabric around the elastic waistband, so mine are slightly more bunchy in the back.  As they are pajama pants, I don’t really care, but for nicer pants I would be a little more attentive to that detail.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?  Likes:  I love the pockets.  I also really like the wide-legged style of these pants.  The elastic waistband is great way to minimize fit problems, and it is super easy and fast patten to sew up.  If I had a serger it would probably take less than an hour.  Dislikes:  The pattern tells you to cut stripes 4.5″ wide for the waistband and to use 2″ elastic, but also tells you to add 5/8″ seam allowance for the rest of the pattern pieces when tracing.  I wasn’t thinking too clearly, so I used 5/8″ seam on the waistband  which meant I only had space for 1.5″ wide elastic, not 2″ wise elastic.  Luckily, I stash lots of elastic, so I was able to just use a smaller size.  But if you make this, make sure to either use only 1/4″ seam allowance for the waistband, cut larger fabric strips, or use smaller elastic.

Fabric used:  Cotton flannel print from Joann.  Which, as I have been informed, is not intended for children’s sleepwear.  What can I say, I live on the edge.  I will say I love my print, but I do not like this fabric.  It does not launder well at all.  Other cotton flannel I have purchased elsewhere washes up so much better that I don’t think I will be buying flannel from Joann stores again, despite the cute prints.

Pattern alterations or design changes you made:  I used smaller elastic than requested by the pattern (see “Dislikes” section above).  I also hemed the bottom of the pants legs, although I was not instructed to do so by the pattern.  I simply folded up the fabric twice to make a narrow-ish hem.

Would you sew it again?  Would you recommend it to others?  Yes to both!  I think this is a great pattern – fit is nice, style is flattering, and it is super fast and easy to sew up.  It is the definition of an instant gratification project.  I used this pattern to make pajama pants, and I will likely use it to make more in the future, but I also think it would be great to make light weight summer pants like Burda shows in the magazine.  Probably getting a bit cold for that right now – but I think I really want to make some great pants next summer out of a light weight linen or cotton or silk blend.  I highly recommend this pattern – great fit, quick, and easy.

Conclusion:  Another pattern win from Burda!  On the whole I really love the results I get with their patterns.  I am totally going to use this pattern again in the future – both for more pajamas, as well as some pants I can wear out into the real world.  Super pleased with the results, totally great pattern.

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