More Fall Sewing Plans

I know a lot of other people like to post cohesive sewing plans for a season – with nice inspiration pictures and patterns and fabrics all picked out.  I don’t think I could do that.  I mean, it isn’t hard for me to plan out sewing projects (see my list at the sidebar), but I find that my desire to actually make something right now either increases or decreases depending on the results and efforts of my previous projects.  So in terms of immediate sewing, I don’t like to plan too far ahead.  In terms of general sewing, I plan way far ahead so that when the mood strikes I can either whip up a two-hour top or spend weeks pad stitching lapels.  Originally, I was planning on making some more practice dresses for skating at this point, but since I have a super amazing sewing purchase en route (which will get its own post in due course) that I plan to use with the practice dresses, I have decided to put those off for the time being.

Here is what I want to be sewing in the mean time…

First off, Vogue 7997.  I have a lovely purple/plum ribbed knit that I got from a flatfold section for $2.49/yard.  I am planning on making the full length or 3/4 length sleeve variation, depending on how much fabric I have to work with.  If it turns out well it might be a great top to wear for Thanksgiving dinner…


After that I want to finally get around to making a pair of flannel PJs.  I know, I know boooooooring!  Except maybe not when you make them in crazy 80s flannel print?

Crazy 80s flannel – upper right.

I want to use another Burda Style pattern, this time a really easy looking style, 06-2011-114:


I figure if the pants actually look good then I can always use the pattern with some nice fabric to get the easy summer look in the photo.  In either case, I love the idea of having pockets in my sleepwear – not something I have in any of my current bedtime clothes.

Thirdly, I want to make another coat.  But this time I want to make a trench coat.  It all started when her More Awesome Selfishness came back to blogging with a vengeance and a leopard print coat.  Then my sister gave me some old fashion magazines with Burberry ads.  Then, as the kicker, my wonderful order of the 2006 BWOFs arrived, and I saw this picture in the February 2006 issue:

Snakeskin trench – my latest desire.

At that point I gave in – the stars had aligned and fate was decided – I was going to make a snakeskin trench.  However, I wasn’t going to use the pattern from the BWOF 02-2006 because looking at the line drawing there are a lot of details I do not like:

BWOF 02-2006-110

The snakeskin fabric hides a lot of the details, but in a good way.  Overall I really don’t like the pink version or the line drawing.  But that is, I suppose, the point of a stash?  To get inspiration from one place and use it in another?  I had quite a few patterns I considered for my snake trench:


I decided against the first because I wanted more traditional trench coat details, and against the second because I have another fabric I would rather use with that pattern.  I have seen so many great versions of the McCall’s pattern posted to Pattern Review, but in the end I decided to go with a BWOF pattern:

I think this last pattern will be perfect for a fabric with a snakeskin print – enough details to be interesting, but not too many seams on the main part of the coat, which will allow the print to be mostly uninterrupted.  On the whole I am very excited to get to this project, but after my last coat effort, I do want to make a few more instant gratification type projects first.
Of course, somewhere in there my new amazing sewing purchase will show up and I am sure I will get obsessively distracted and make some skating costumes.  Probably.  Maybe.  I think.  We shall see.  In any case, the Vogue top is in progress, so hopefully there will be a review post sometime later in the week.  The pants shouldn’t take too long, and all in all, I am hoping to have my snake print trench by the end of the month.

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