Newsflash – November Burda Style Preview Posted

Burda Fashion Russia to the rescue once again: full preview of the November issue is available here.  All I can say is, oh man I am so happy I got a subscription when I did.  While October had a lot of great classics I will want to sew for years to come, November is filled with a lot of trendy items, but in a good way, I think.  There is one section full of wearable clothes, but I find them to be mostly unremarkable.  Same for the plus sizes – the clothes are not bad, but they are not exciting.  Most of my picks from this issue would go into my fantasy wardrobe (how many gowns does a non-movie star really need?), but I think I will still enjoy looking through this magazine and dreaming about the possibilities.

In any case, let’s get to the goods, shall we?

Looking through it all, there is really only one item in this issue I could see getting regular use in my wardrobe:

Simple wrap shirt.

It isn’t anything too exciting, but I could see me making it and wearing it a lot.  Of course, this isn’t one of the patterns I am swooning over in this issue.  What usually captures my fancy are the Burda coats:

Interesting neckline
Love the fitted shape!
Love this coat!  It would be so wearable during the winter.
The line drawing for the much discussed jacket/cape (jacape?).
A nice long jacket…
I like the line drawing even better.

But I don’t find that any of these jackets scream “make me right now!”  I do like a lot of them and would consider making them in the future, however.  So while I am not usually a dress person, I can’t help the fact that for me, this issue is all about the gowns:

I love this dress!  Interesting details without being crazy.
I predict this will be a hit on PatternReview.
More dress love.  Might be a bit low in the front…
The same, but easier to see the ruching.
Love!  This neckline feels classic, but the details feel modern.
I love it even more at full length.  Swoon.
I love this gown!  I wants it.
The line drawing.  Update: I needs it.

Sigh.  Do I really need a full length gown?  No.  Do I have some $3/yard party fabric that is going to be made into one?  Yes.  The problem now is to decide which one….

Sadly, not all of the dresses in this issue were the stuff Hollywood dreams are made of….

It looks like a sleeve got torn off as she was escaping the hospital…

No!  Bad Burda!  Bad!  I thought we had gotten away from the baggy, boxy, shapeless dresses!  Ugh.  They didn’t even have the decency to give the model a belt:

She just looks crazy.

Speaking of crazy, aside from the cape thing, apparently the other trend this season is crazy pants:

Crazy leopard pants.
Crazy full diaper pants
Crazy gold pants.
Crazy pants attached to a crazy top.

Ugh.  Yeah.  After the last issue where I was loving the pants I was really hoping for some more good ones.  Alas, no.  Also, on the crazy note – I ponder, am I crazy?  This is from the kids section, but I think it is cute:

Why so grey panda bear?

I don’t know if I would make it or wear it, but I still think it is cute.

In any case, it is time for the picks for best and worst looks of the month.  It was a difficult decision what with so many pretty dresses and so many ugly pants.  I had to come to a decision though, and I have decided the Best of BS for November goes to:

One shoulder movie starlet dress!

I think I have to make that gown, despite having no where to wear it.  I might have to make the blue one too.  I could justify it for de-stashing purposes, right?

Last, but not least, my pick for the November BWTF award goes to:

Hammer time!

MC Hammer called.  He wants his costume back.  In the 90s.  Where it belongs.

All in all, no, this Burda isn’t filled to the brim with classy, wearable wardrobe staples.  I probably won’t get nearly as much use out of this issue as some of my other ones.  Do I love this issue anyway?  Heck yes.  Thus far I am quite pleased with my decision to get a subscription, and I look forward to getting this one in the mail, and seeing what Burda has in store next month.

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