Newsflash – New Jalie Patterns

Although I do not currently have any patterns from the Canadian pattern company Jalie, I have been eyeing their fabulous jeans and some of the skating patterns for quite a while.  I do plan to order from them eventually, but I want to do one massive order to reduce shipping costs.  In any case, they have posted some new patterns on their homepage.  There is a man’s shirt, some baby clothes, a few women’s tops, and a few leotard and athletic wear patterns.  At the moment I have a slight interest in a few of the new leotard patterns:

It’s a bathing suit, but the back could be interesting…
Nice basic leotard.
Another great basic leotard.

I am more interested in some of their older patterns than the new ones, but I do appreciate that a large part of their collection is focused on skating/gymnastics/dance/athletic patterns.  KwikSew is the only other widely available pattern company that produces any of those, and even then you have to know where to look to find the KwikSew patterns.  There are a few other independent skating pattern companies, but they are highly specialized and seem sort of expensive.

In any case, new patterns, yay!

One thought on “Newsflash – New Jalie Patterns

  1. I love Jalie patterns 🙂 I find the fit for me is just that much better (each to their own though) but they cost a freaking bomb when it comes to getting them in New Zealand… as you have to get them all the way from Canada.


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