Post-Sewing Exhaustion

Well, it is done.  The winter coat for my sister’s Europe  adventure that I have been planning since February is finished.  Obviously, making a coat is a long and involved process.  Even more difficult when the person you are making it for can only be fitted once or twice a week.  And, of course, it wouldn’t have been a real sewing project if it hadn’t been finished with only hours to spare.  There were a few hasty snapshots taken before rushing off to the airport, and I will do a full review in the next few days.  I feel even too exhausted to do a real post about it.  Being done, I am happy and sad, but mostly tired.

I will be posting more about my sewing plans, new skates (so busy getting stuff ready I didn’t even get pictures, although I did skate in them), and works in progress.  Right now the sewing mojo is non-existant, but hopefully it will return in a few days.  It will probably help when the I get my machine replacement parts.  More details on that when I get to my review post.

In other sewing news, I was able to get all of the patterns on my wish list this past weekend.  The only patterns I still have on the list are some Vogue (I tend to spread out the purchase of those due to the cost – even at sale prices), some KwikSew, and some Jalie (I plan to mass order these at some point).  I will still obsess over the monthly Burdas, but I won’t be pattern chasing until the new designs are announced.  Hopefully this will lead to more sewing and less planning, which will lead to more clothes that fit and less fabric stash.  All in all, a good thing.

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