Fancy Italian Footwear, Part IV

Ok, so I switched out the figure cushions for the yellow rubber top/blue urethane bottom.

Rubber/urethane combo.

This was actually quite an interesting experiment.  It gave the skates a feeling of stability a bit more like my old skates, but still had the responsiveness of the new skates.  It almost felt like the yellow rubber had practically no bend, and that all of the movements were being transfered directly to the lower blue cushions.  It felt pretty fantastic for the loops, actually.  I felt solid but able to create a very deep curve.  I am not sure how much I like this combo for the large figures, but it did feel more solid than using all urethane.  Some of the turns didn’t feel quite as good with this set-up, but then it may just have been me having an off day.  Or I may need to tighten the action a bit more.  I plan to keep this set-up for a few weeks to see how it feels after the rubber cushions have settled in.  I may still want to try the rubber lower cushions, but they may be too hard for me to use for the loop skating.  I do want to explore my options though.

As for the dance skates – I didn’t spend much time in them today, but they still feel good.  It was super hot, so I was already sort of exhausted by the time I got to dance, and so I was a bit wobbly and tired, but the plates still feel good.  I may need to still play with the click action adjustments, but I am still liking the grey/grey combo, so I think that will probably stay.

Dance skates – all grey urethane.

All in all things seem to be settling into place.  I think now I just need more time on them, but overall I would have to say that between the Altas and the Roll Line, I would have to vote for the Roll Line, hands down.  Of course, remains to be seen how well they last, as the Atlas did stand the test of time, but I am really enjoying skating on them.  If only there were more time to skate….

One thought on “Fancy Italian Footwear, Part IV

  1. DTD,

    I am getting new boots and frames for my new(-ish) artistic lessons! Your information is invaluable.

    My teacher recommended the Mistral, but I’m eyeing the Energy, too. The cushions sets, pivot cups, and king pins will be a new experience for me, as I’ve been skating on Arius plates. I suspect holding backwards edges might be a little more workable on Roll Lines … or maybe I just need more practice. 😉

    Thank you for all the blog posts.


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