Newsflash – More Fall Simplicity Patterns

Simplicity has released another new set of patterns that you can look at here.  Mostly this release includes children’s clothing and Halloween costumes of the crazy/generic/cheap looking variety.  The non-costume and non-child patterns are totally boring.

Although Simplicity 2053 gave me pause, inspecting the actual garment photos leads me to believe that this pattern won’t be quite as fabulous as the line drawings lead me to believe.  I think I will pass.


The only pattern from this bunch that I am interested in is the new Project Runway coat pattern – Simplicity 2057.


I really like when Simplicity offers patterns in the P5 size – the 12-20 size range – because then I can use the same pattern for myself and my sister.  I hate that for so many patterns the size ranges are split between the 12/14 sizes, since I fall right between those on the top.  Lately it seems more patterns have been adding cup sizing and overlapping the size ranges (ie, the largest size in one envelope is the smallest in the next), which is very good and helps me feel better about which sizes I am buying.  In any case, with a Simplicity sale coming up this next weekend, perhaps I can snag the latest coat pattern.  We shall see…

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