Pattern Stash – New Additions!

Ok, I really can’t resist a pattern sale!  At this point I have polished off my wish list for all of the Big4 pattern companies except Vogue, as, even at sale price, they add up much more quickly than the other guys.  However, I have been looking critically at my Vogue pattern wish list and I have been thinking that it could do with a little pruning.  Something to think over.

In any case, here are my acquisitions….

From the McCall’s $1.99 sale I got:

Another costume… M6420.
New dress pattern – M6379
Bags!  M6410

From the Vogue $3.99 Sale I found…

V1094 – Vintage pattern
V1254 – love the neckline!
V1259 – Top/skirt combo.  I love this look as well.
V8747 – Shirt with cup sizes!  Planning to use this with my blue silk from Indiana.

So yay!  More patterns.  At this point I am quite pleased with my stash of fabrics and patterns.  My notions stash could stand to be built up a bit… but I think that will come in time.  Right now I am focusing on making a few pieces for my sister before her long trip, and then it will be back to sewing for me!  I have started culling the weak links in my closet (mostly pants) that just look ridiculously bad when I put them on.  Most RTW never fit well in the first place, but now, after having changed sizes the past few years, they just look awful.  A lot of my tops are also not fitting as well as they used to, but they aren’t so bad that I want to get rid of them without first having made a replacement.  In any case, I think a major wardrobe overhaul is in the works for the coming year.

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