Newslfash – Live Nationals Video Feed!

For those of you who are interested in watching the 2011 Roller Skating National Championships live video feed from Fort Wayne, Indiana, you can see it here:

National Championships Live Video Feed – The Skater’s Place

This week (July 17 – July 23) is the national indoor speed championships, and you can get the schedule here.  The Elite sprints are first, followed by the longer races.  Then two and four person relays in the following days (these can be very exciting to watch!).  The Novice (newer skaters) and quad speed are the last few days.

The following two weeks will be the artistic events, which include dance skating, figure skating, and freestyle skating (jumps and spins).  The schedule can be found here.  The most exciting events will be taking place between Saturday July 30 and Tuesday August 2.  Anything denoted with a World Class (WC) or Junior World Class (JWC), or a Junior or Senior level event has quite excellent skaters, and should be very fun to watch.

Also, just a reminder, the schedules are given in Eastern time, the time zone for Indiana.

I will post the link in my sidebar, so it is easily accessible even as I produce more posts in the coming weeks.

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