Newsflash – August Burda Style Preview Posted

I know that the first preview was posted on on the German website about a day ago, but I prefer to reserve judgement until I can actually see the model pictures and get a full perspective from the garment pictures, the model pictures, and the line drawings.  Luckily, Burda Fashion Italia, as well as the Russian Burda website have the August previews up today!

All in all, I would say this looks to be a pretty good issue.  Burda is continuing their designer series with this dress:

Pretty drapiness!
Here is the line drawing.

Despite the emphasis at the hips, I think this dress is infinitely more wearable than the style they had in the July issue.  Actually, I even sort of like this one, and would possibly consider making it.

In addition, Burda seems to have made an issue with neither a shirt dress nor a sack dress!  Imagine that. The closest they get is this tank shirt:

Slightly sack looking tank

However, Burda makes this up in a nice silky material, and the length is used so that it can be tucked into pants, which actually looks pretty decent in the model pictures.  And since it is only one sack looking garment (not an entire issue filled with sack dresses), they get a pass.

What is in with Burda right now is the draped cardigan style jacket:

Cozy looking

They loved it so much they even made a slight variation for the plus sizes:

Slight variation to the sleeves

Usually, I find that Burda’s regular and plus size offerings are very different in each issue, which does make for a better overall magazine, however, often times I find myself coveting the plus sized garments when I am most decidedly too small for that sizing.  I can only imagine that the plus sized ladies must also feel the same about clothes that are in the smaller sizes.  I think it is great that Burda is offering something of a similar style option in all size ranges in this issue.  I hope that they will do this more often in the future, although I recognize the drafting for a large size range of a draped cardigan top is much simpler than say a fitted dress.  Also, as a somewhat parenthetical note, if when I get this issue I probably won’t need to also get the new McCall’s cardigan pattern I was debating, as the style is very similar, but I usually have a better time fitting with Burda.  Thanks Burda, you just saved me $1.99!

Now, on to the rest of the magazine styles.  I would say that a vast majority of what is in this issue is actually quite wearable.  Mostly it is somewhat loose fitting blouses, some pants, some skirts, some shorts, a few nice dresses, and wonderful wonderful jackets.  Despite a lack of jackets in my actual wardrobe, I have a huge weak spot for them as far as my pattern stash is concerned.  As soon as I saw the jackets I knew this issue had to be mine.  I love them.  So, let’s get on with it.

Firstly, I will show my non-jacket picks from this issue.

Simple dress, but I love the neckine
Another simple dress, but I think it looks pretty classy, makes me think Jackie O.
Here is the line drawing – the tie on the back is cute!
I also really like this dress as well.
Here is the line drawing – a bit easier to see.

 I realize the last dress is very similar to the first dress (as in, the same but with a different style at the neck), but I don’t care I like them both.

 Now, onto the lovely wonderful jackets.

Sigh.  I love this.  I really really want to make this one.
The line drawing.
This one is very eye catching made up with the red piping and gold buttons.
The line drawing – don’t know how I feel about breast pockets.
Ok, made up this is sort of dowdy looking.  I blame the color.
Because from the line drawing, I actually prefer this style to the previous one.
Burda also included a short trench jacket.
Not exactly sure about the ruffles of the sleeves here.
There is also a classic long trench.
Again, not positive about the sleeves.

So, yeah.  Jackets.  Yum.  There are at least 2 I definitely want to make and I am considering the others.  Couple that with the dresses and for me this issue has already been pushed over to the gotta get it category.

Now for the fun stuff!  Time for BWTF.

Except, well, there really isn’t too much to make fun of in this issue.  Like I said, I think most of the styles are actually pretty wearable.  Not super exciting, but possible wardrobe staples.  I did, however, find these gems:

Cape with giant pockets!

As has already been noted on the Chanel No. 6 blog, this cape is a great idea for traveling in Europe, the land of only one carry-on.  However, as I know someone who will soon be traveling in Europe, I have already had a request for this cape!  So, well, I can’t make too much fun, but I can at least show you the model picture, which does sort of illustrate the point:

Guide book, camera, cell phone, wallet, and still a entire pocket empty!

I suppose thinking of it as a purse/blanket combo it actually does serve some sort of useful purpose, and it would distribute the weight of its contents more evenly than a purse would.  From a functionality stand point, it actually could make sense.  From a fashion standpoint… erm… not so much.

And, also, I want to point out these pants:


Well, maybe point at more than point out.  Point at, and laugh.  The skinny legs and wide ruffle make me think of a duck with webbed feet, and my sister said they would be great for a horse costume.  So, erm, yeah.  I don’t think I will be tracing these out any time soon.

Now, finally time for Best and Worst picks for the month of August.

For me, looking through the offerings, the Best of BS for August seems rather apparent:

The jacket on the left – breast pockets and all!

Despite my apprehensions about the line drawing, the black jacket with gold buttons is just too fabulous. I can’t deny it as the winner.  Sigh.  I may have compromised my principles, as this is the first time I have chosen based on the constructed garment rather than the line drawing, but I don’t care.  I love it.  Stunning.

And now, the moment we have all been waiting for – BWTF for August goes to:

Those pants.

Notice how the girl on the left looks totally ridiculous.  And the stylish sensible girl on the right looks like she is smiling and complimenting the outfit while thinking how stupid it looks.  Yeah.  Not that these pants had much competition in this issue, but still.  Very much a miss for me.

So yay, another Burda down!  Overall impression of this issue – not too exciting, but nothing horrendous either.  Most of the clothes have wardrobe potential, with a few gems in the dresses and jackets.  A definite yes for my growing Burda collection.

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