Newsflash – Fall McCall’s Patterns

Arg, the more busy I am, the more new stuff pops up.  Oh well, these posts don’t take as long as my pattern review or skating posts, so I won’t worry about it too much.  In any case, McCall’s also has new fall patterns.  I found more to like than I did with Simplicity, but again, I don’t know how many of these I will be rushing out to get right away.

Firstly, a new costume pattern!  Don’t know how much I need this, as I already have dresses and cloaks, but it could be useful for making a Cinderella type gown, so I may pick it up at a sale at some point:

M6420 – liking the red design.

I also like this simple dress pattern:

M6379 – basic dress

Don’t know why, I just sort of like it, despite its simple design.  I also really like the pattern for these bags:


I don’t know how happy my machine would be sewing up a bag, but I like the style of these bags, and it might be nice to have the option of making one at some point.

Also, this pattern looks comfy, but I don’t know if I will be getting it or not:


I feel like it might look sloppy and ridiculous if I try to wear it, but it looks comfy and easy in the pictures.  I don’t know.  Something to ponder.

I also ponder this shirt pattern:


I am strangely drawn to that shirt.  However, I also think I could take one of the Burda sack shirts, add a drawstring to the waist, and call it a day.  Another pattern I will have to think about.

Then, of course, there were the patterns that left me shaking my head…


Why must the shoulder pads come back, why!?!?!  I mean, yeah, they are starting small, but we all know they are going to get bigger.  Ugh.  Let the 80s rest in peace.  I almost prefer the 70s disco fishing gear BurdaStyle is all about right now.  Sigh.

Oh, and speaking of Burda, I am sorry I laughed at the asymmetrical shirts!  They don’t got nothin’ on McCall’s 6400:


Now, before you say, oh, it’s not sooooo bad, it is just the way the model is standing, let me present Exhibit B, the line drawing:

M6400 line drawing.

Erhm, yeah.  Now, I am not against asymmetrical clothing (I use asymmetry a lot in my skating costumes) but this seems like just a little much.

So yeah, new McCall’s.  I don’t know.  They have some new skinny pants, some jumpers, and lots of kids clothes that you can look at here.  None of which I would wear, so they don’t really interest me, although they are rather modern looking jumpers and skinny pants.  As with Simplicity, I am not finding a lot of the new stuff that I like that seems significantly different from patterns I already have.  I do want that bag pattern, and probably the dress and the costumes, but not really too much else from the new batch.  I am sort of excited to see the fall Butterick and Vogue though, since I am usually more drawn to their patterns than I am to McCall’s.

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