I was finally able to acquire the new Butterick patterns at a $1.99 sale! Although the local JoAnn store didn’t have ANY of the new patterns (or even place holders for them) the other stores in the area did happen to have them, and in the sizes I was looking for.  Managed to get all the patterns I was looking for, so now I have removed all of the Butterick’s from my wishlist (at least until the new patterns come out).

B5647 – I really want a 3/4 sleeve jacket (or two or three…)
B5662 – I also really want to do a corset with boning.
B5663 – Costumes = kryptonite, I can’t help it!
B5450 – Thinking about using some linen from the stash to make the blue version.
B5638 – This was one of those patterns I saw and loved, but I don’t know why.
B5042 – I like the short (red) version, but my sister may want one as well.
B5645 – I feel like this could be a wardrobe staple type pattern for me.

Don’t know how soon any of these will get made up, but I do have some potential stash fabrics in mind for most of these patterns.  Actually my stash has been growing lately due to some online fabric purchasing (mostly for upcoming coat project) so hopefully some stash accumulation pictures will get posted sometime soon-ish.

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