Newsflash – June Burda Style Preview Posted, Part 2

Alright, so my Italian website has let me down.  BUT the French and Russian websites come to the rescue!  They are set up the same as the Italian site, so they are showing line drawings, model pictures, and garment pictures.  What a concept.  Alrighty then, on to the goodies.

First of all, it appears there will be a new feature in this issue – a Featured Designer dress.  Who the designer is I do not know, but in any case, here is the dress:

This dress might be ok.
I like it much better on the model.  I actually sort of want one.
Here is a case where the line drawing does not make me want to sew it up.

So, well, hmmm.  I do like the dress on a form and better on a person, but the line drawing makes me think that even if I did get this pattern it would be very far down on the queue.

In addition, Burda seems to be continuing their potato sack love:

Color block potato sack.
Spaghetti strap potato sack.
Gathered potato sack.
Minimal effort potato sack.

And, of course, the shirt dress!

Best of both worlds: a potato sack shirt dress!
At least the sleeves are fitted…

I am finding that I like a lot fewer of the styles presented this month.  However, there are a few that I liked:

LOVE!  Love the color, everything!  It’s like a blue version of my 80’s Barbie dresses.
The line drawing is much sadder.  Clearly, this style REQUIRES a belt to work.  But, I would be ok with that.
Ok, so this is a beach cover up, but I really like it.  Not the color, but that can change.
This dress is sort of cute, nice for summer.  It would almost fit last issue’s retro vibe section.
Ok, so I think this looks like a (sexy) lab coat.  I would not wear it in white ever, but in other colors, maybe.
Here is the line drawing.  Not sure about the pockets.  It also comes in shorter lengths.
Sooooooooooooooo looooooooooooong.  I would make it shorter, but I like the top and sleeves.
Pants!  I LOVE these pants!  Perfect jeans pattern, no?
They always seem to make them in crazy colors!  (Ok, there is a white version, but difficult to see.)
For me this top is a maybe.
It does sort of look Audrey Hepburn though….
A simple tee shirt pattern – excellent!  Not exciting, but useful.
I actually like this shirt a lot too.
It looks even better on the model.

So, while there are a few other things in this issue that I might consider sewing if I had the need, really, there are a few shirts and those PANTS.  I am actually super in love with that blue dress, but I just don’t know if I could wear it and not look ridiculous.  I don’t think I have the legs or hips to pull it off, but I don’t know.  Maybe I am just dying for fabric in that color.  Hmmmm….

And now on to the fun part: BWTF.

First of all, why would you create such a horrible bikini pattern?

Wrinkles, wrinkles everywhere.

And then make it up in these horrendous fabrics?

Granny pantie bikini bottoms?
Ummm, what?  It looks like it would be very sad if it got wet.

Of course, they couldn’t leave the plus size girls alone either:

Why is that colored patch there?  It makes the stomach look wider!  Imagine it in red – can you say black widow?

Alright, so there wasn’t as much to make fun of in this issue either.  Most of it is sort of meh.  I don’t care enough to love it or to hate it.  Which is sort of sad.  However, there still must be a best and a worst, so here they are…

And the Best of BS Award for the Month of June goes to….

Pants!  It is unfortunate that the coat covers the details in this picture, but I do really like these pants.

And, finally, the BWTF Award for the month of June goes to…..

She looks like she stole her granny’s underwear and went to the beach.  Seriously.  Don’t give me that face.

I think Michael Kors would make some sort of comment about the bag being all “matchy-matchy” as well.

In any case, another month announced.  I am debating on getting this issue, but I love those pants, and I would make some of the shirts, possibly some of the dresses (with modifications), maybe that skirt that was shown with the white top.  But seriously, I wear pants all the time, hardly ever dresses or skirts.  I am also very particular about the style of pants that I like.  Lately the Big 4 haven’t had a lot of patterns with the silhouette I like (I have the Vogue Alice + Olivia patterns, review to come), or at least, not with a lot of different options for the waistband area.  I like these because they have a more casual style and could be made into jeans or semi-nice pants, whereas my pants love from the April issue would be for slightly dressier options.  So, I think I may have to get this issue, even if it is just for the pants.  Although I will probably make other things as well.  It seems the longer I have a Burda issue, the more things I see that I want to make from it.  Of course, that bikini will never be one of them.

See you next month for July!

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