Epic Fail and Work in Progress

Well, I attempted to acquire some of the new Butterick’s in the JoAnn sale starting today.  That was a total failure.  They didn’t even have places for the new patterns, let alone any of the actual patterns.  They didn’t have the new books out yet either.  Ah well.  I am hoping that by Saturday a different store might set me up… but not as hopeful as I was on Tuesday.  I suppose there will be another sale in about a month… But in the meantime maybe I can find an elusive dress pattern so as to not waste my trip to the store.

In other news, my coat for the wedding is finally “in progress” as in, not just pieces of fabric.  So far I have been pleasantly surprised at how well the fabric is pressing.  And once I switched to a new sharp needle (universal was not working), the stitching wasn’t puckering or pulling at the fabric too much either.  It has pockets!  They are a bit small, I will have to make them larger in the future.  But since this is a lightweight coat it should be ok.  Now I am at the scary part: bound button holes!  I have actually tried them before, and they would have been ok, but I made them in the wrong order.  Ah well, live and learn.  I am going to re-read the book instructions I have for them tonight.  So we shall see how these guys turn out; hopefully better than my last set.  Since they aren’t black, they will probably be more noticeable if I screw up, so I will have to be very careful.  But I have some better scissors now, so I think that will help a lot.  I was pondering starting those tonight, but I am suddenly tired – not a good idea for bound buttonhole making.  They will be something to think about and perhaps cut out in the morning before doing real things with the day.

I would love to finish this coat by the end of the month, but with trying to finish regional costumes, practicing for regionals, studying for a certain exam in June, and, you know, normal life, I just don’t know if that will happen.  It can definitely get done in time for the wedding though, which is the important thing after all.  I won’t post pictures until after the wedding… I want it to be a surprise in June!  But yeah, I am really wanting to get this project done.  A week of exam prep killed my sewing time, so I feel like I have been working on this forever even though I have only really spent about two weeks with the pattern prep, muslins, cutting and sewing.  And, since my sewing time is limited to about three days a week (the other days are skating days or I work on beading my costumes), it really hasn’t been that much time.  But, I want to move on to other things.  I am dying to make up some knit shirts for summer, and I want to make some of those so I can move on to sewing for the sis when she gets home.  *Sigh*  So much fabric, so little time.

I will try to post some more of my older pattern reviews in the mean time.  Also, more skating posts.  Regionals is drawing near, and we have only watched one compulsory dance!  This must be remedied in the coming weeks.

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